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[Norway] Battle of Gratangen - April 25, 1940

Unternehmen Weserübung - Defeat of a Norwegian battalion.
Western Front By: jdrommel - Last update: 03/10/2023
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x6 x6 x4 x6
first You play first    

Historical Background:
After the landing of German troops at Narvik on the 9 April 1940, the Allies reacted quickly and the Royal Navy sank the 10 German destroyers in the Ofotfjord during a sea battle. On the ground, the 6th Norwegian Division tried to repulse the 3.Gebirgsdivision of General Dietl in the Narvik bridgehead. On the 24 April, the Norwegian attack on Lapphagen was repelled by German troops but they evacuated the village of Gratangsbotn where the Norwegian battalion I/IR 12 took place. The day after, German troops counter-attacked, with the support of mortars and the use of of Norwegian civilians as human shields. The Germans won the battle and the I/IR 12 battalion was nearly destroyed with 34 KIA, 64 wounded and 130 prisoners.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis player [Germany] : 6 command cards, you move first.
Allied player [Norway] : 4 command cards.

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals.
The hexagon of Gratangsbotn with a medal is a temporary medal objective for the Axis player.

Special Rules:
- Special Weapon Asset rules (SWAs 1) are in effect for German units equipped with Mortars (SWAs 3).
- Use "Blitz" rules (Action 15).
- "Air Power" card is removed of the game before to play.

Scenario Bibliography:
Wikipedia - Battle of Gratangen.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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