[Kiev Pocket] Romny - September 18, 1941

By: Brycie35 - Last update: 04/28/2006
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x4 x5 x4 x5

Historical Background:
The Germans had just closed the door and sealed the trap on Russian troops caught in the great Kiev pocket. More and more troops were placed into the front line in an effort by the Germans to tighten their grip on the pocket. Russian forces made erratic and uncoordinated attempts to break out of the encirclement. In a sector outside of Romny, controlled by the 3rd Panzer Division, a stand off had developed. A Battalion of German assault guns were sent to hold the line. As the handful of assault guns that had not broken down, reached the front line the commander noticed strange looking mounds protruding from the Hillsides ahead. It soon became clear that these were camouflaged Russian tanks. Soon the Germans came under fire from Anti-Tank guns. As the intense fire fight broke out, the German commander ordered his men to hold fast and await reinforcements. In the humidity of the hot afternoon, a test of wills began to see who could maintain pressure on the other side for longer.
The Russians decide to test the waters first and sent a T-34 down the hillside and into the valley. It immerged from a gully at top speed, 2 shots were reportied and the Marauding T-34 was knocked out. The Russians then sent a KV-1 tank into the valley. The Huge tank lumbered forward with it machine guns blazing. It then stopped to fire it main armament, but soon one of its tracks were shot off and it was immobilized. The Russian then sent all there remaining tanks forward in a frontal assault and the Germans revealed their surprise. Experimental Marder IIIs with long barrel 105mm guns were amongst the German defending units. The Marder IIIs along with the other German assault guns took the Russian tanks under fire, and shot them to pieces. The long reach of the Marder IIIs 105mm then harassed the Russians as rescue attempt were made to attach tow cables to the hulks of their knocked out tanks. Fire from the Nazi assault guns with the help of the experimental Marder III’s had kept the Soviets at bay for another day.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

German Player: 6 command cards
You move first

Russian Player: 2 command cards. Draw two cards after turns 1 and 2. You will then have a hand of 4 command cards for the rest of the battle.

Conditions of Victory:
5 Medals

Special Rules:
Blitz Rules are in effect (see p.4).
Russian Command rules are in effect (refer to p.3).
The German Special force Tank unit is an Experimental Marder III unit and has 2 figures. Treat it as a regular tank unit except it battles with an Extra dice, & may shoot up to a range of 4 hexes. Place a German Special Force Badge in the same hex with these units to distinguish it from the other units.
The Russia Special Forces Tank unit is a Heavy Tank unit & has 4 figures. Place a Special Force Badge in the same hex with this unit to distinguish it from the other units.
Units marked with Battle Star tokens are Camouflaged units. Camouflage rules are explained on page 8 of the Pacific expansion rulebook.

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Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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