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Drop Zone X - The Thirteeners - March 24, 1945

Operation Varsity - Operation Varsity - 24th March 1945
Western Front By: SamW44 - Last update: 07/12/2020
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x4 x6 x5 x6
    first You play first

Historical Background:
The 513th PIR, the Thirteeners, were tasked with landing at Drop Zone X and securing the area that would link the British and American drop zones and landing zones. Despite only taking nine minutes to complete the drop, 14 out of 72 C-46 transport aircraft were shot down and an additional five crash landed in friendly territory. To make matters worse, while the howitzers of the artillery men landed on target, the Thirteeners were dropped far from DZX. The artillerymen had to work as infantry under immediate fire, struggling to get their artillery put together under intense fire. Once assembled, they still had to wait for contact from the Thirteeners before they could actually bring in supporting fire for them. The Germans put up more dogged resistance in tree lines and fortified farms.
Their were mixed outcomes for both sides. When the American paratroops came across German tanks, a British glider landed with an airborne M22 Locust which immediately proceeded to attack the German tanks before being taken out by their superior firepower. While Colonel Allen Miller did eventually take the German HQ after a long delay, he decided to dig in before moving on to his next objective giving the Germans more precious time. Meanwhile Colonel James Coutts was tasked with getting to the Issel to secure the area between the bridges in the British and American sectors.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Allied player [United States/Great Britain] Take 5 cards. You move first.
Axis player [Germany] Take 4 cards.

Conditions of Victory:
6 Medals
Any hex adjacent to the Issel counts as Temporary Medal Objective for the allied player. Only one objective medal is gained, even if more than one hex is captured.
The German HQ where American pilots were rescued is a Temporary Medal Objective for the allied player.

Special Rules:
Before the allied player's first turn but after cards have been drawn, the player may attempt two paradrops with three figures in each drop (Actions 20 - Paradrop). They may only land in the allied player's left and centre flanks. A landing in the right flank counts as an unsuccessful drop.
All Allied infantry units that are dropped are part of the 17th Airborne but act as Standard Infantry units due to the delays and Miller's slow progress.
The artillery marked with battle stars cannot be ordered until the allied player sets them up. To do this, an adjacent infantry unit eligible to battle may instead roll two dice. If a Star or Grenade is rolled, put a Battle Star by the unit. Once it has two it may be ordered as normal.
Place a badge on the British airborne unit (Troops 2 - Specialised Units).
Place a badge on the British Half Track unit (Troops 18a - M22 Locust). They represents the airborne M22 Locust tank.
British Commonwealth Forces rules are in effect for the two British units (Nations 5 - British Commonwealth Forces).
The barracks just represent farm buildings and play as a standard town/village hex.
If playing with New Flight Plan, the allied player draws 2 Air Combat Cards, the Axis player draws 1.

Scenario Bibliography:
Four Hours of Fury by James M. Fenelon (2019 Scribner)

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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