Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte - June 16, 1944 - June 17, 1944

Cherbourg Campaign
Western Front By: jdrommel - Last update: 05/26/2020
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x4 x6 x6 x6
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Historical Background:
On June 15, 1944, General Collins, commanding the VII US Corps, ordered two of his divisions to cut the Cotentin peninsula. The 82nd Airborne Division and the 9th US Infantry Division were ordered to capture the bridges of Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte and Sainte-Colombe. This would allow them to cross the Douve and break through the German positions held by the 77th German Infantry Division. On June 16, Allied forces managed to cross the bridges under enemy fire and established two bridgeheads over the Douve. Then, the Americans advanced toward Barneville and reached the sea on June 18, splitting the German forces defending the Cotentin peninsula in half and isolating the "Festung" Cherbourg.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis Player [Germany] : 4 Command cards.
Allied Player [United States] : 6 Command cards. You move first.

Conditions of Victory:
Axis player : 6 Medals.
Allied player : 7 Medals.
The two hexes with an Exit marker on the Axis player's baseline are Exit hexes for the Allied forces.

Special Rules:
- Place a badge on Allied elite infantry units (Troops 2 - Specialized Units).
- The Allied player alone is able to conduct Air Strikes (Actions 3 - Air Strikes).

Scenario Bibliography:
- Magazine Historica hors-série n°18 - Cherbourg, 1ère victoire US en Normandie.
- Militaria Magazine hors-série n°13 - La bataille du bocage.
- Guide des plages du débarquement et des champs de bataille de Normandie.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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