Rzhev Overlord - January 26, 1942 - February 07, 1942

Sychevsk-Vyazma Operatsiya
Eastern Front By: RBorg - Last update: 12/19/2008
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x10 x15 x9 x15
    first You play first

Historical Background:
The Soviet counter-offensive in December 1941 sent the German Wehrmacht reeling back from the outskirts of Moscow. In a pincer move on the Northern front, near Rzhev, the Soviets bludgeoned their way through Ninth Army, leaving the Germans in shambles. General of Panzer Troops Walter Model, arguably the Wehrmacht's best defensive tactician, was assigned to the front and miraculously rallied the German troops, closing the gap in the lines, and cutting off a number of Soviet divisions.

To reestablish contact with their isolated units, the 30th Army launched a massive attack against the German front line troops of the Das Reich's "Der Führer" that occupied the villages of Krutiki - Paikowo - Klepenino - Opjachtino - Kokosch. The Soviets attacked day and night through snowstorms and the cold but the German elite troopers fended off the oncoming Soviet formations while the panzers sealed off any breaches in the line.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis Player
Take 10 Command cards.

Allied Player
[Soviet Union]
Take 9 Command cards.
You move first.

Conditions of Victory:
15 Medals.

The towns of Kolubakino and Sweklino are Permanent Medal Objective for the Axis forces.

The town of Noshkino is a Permanent Medal Objective for the Allied forces. In addition the town is the German's HQ. HQ/Supply rules are in effect (Actions 17 - Capture HQ/Supply Tent).

The 12 town hexes form a Temporary Majority Medal Objective worth 3 Medals for whoever controls the majority of the towns. Determined majority at the start of each player's turn.

Exit markers are in effect on the portion of the Axis baseline in between the 2 Exit markers, for the Allied forces.

Special Rules:
Russian Overlord Command rules are in effect for the Allied player (Nations 2 Overlord - Red Army).

Allied Armor may only move 1-2 hexes and battle.

Place badges on the German elite Infantry units (Troops 2 - Specialized Units).

The German player lays out the Minefields (Terrain 29 - Minefields).

The river is frozen (Terrain 47 - Frozen Rivers).

Air Rules are not in effect. The Air Sortie cards are set aside and are not used in this mission.

Set-up Order