Ticket to Ride France Ticket to Ride France

Green Beach (idealized) - August 19, 1942

Operation Jubilee - Operation Jubilee
Western Front By: Sgt Storm - Last update: 12/23/2008
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x5 x8 x6 x8
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Historical Background:
Canadian units from the South Saskatchewan Regiment, lead by Lieutant-Colonel Merritt, planned to land at 0450 hrs and assault Green Beach on both sides of the river Scie. To the west, the objectives were to occupy Pourville and clear the western cliffs. On the east, they were to capture the radar station, silence the position at Quatre Vents farm including the heavy gun emplacement, and attack Dieppe from the highlands to the rear. The Cameron Highlanders of Canada were to land east of the river Scie at 0530 hrs and link up with tanks from the Dieppe assault at the crossroads at Appeville and move further inland (off board) to capture the airfield at St. Aubin, silence the Hitler battery and attack the suspected German divisional HQ at Arques-la-Bataille.

The South Saskatchewans landed entirely west of the river Scie. They occupied Pourville and cleared the western cliffs, however, they had to assault the eastern heights via the bridge. Lt-Col Merritt's heroic actions rallied the men across the bridge, but the eastern slopes and farm were heavily defended with concrete emplacements, anti-tank guns, and trenches. The Germans had also dammed the Scie flooding much of the low lying area as an anti-tank defense.

The Cameron Highlanders arrived 20 minutes late at 0550 hrs with most of the force landing west of the Scie. Those landing east joined forces with Lt-Col Mitchell's men. The others changed their plan and drove north up the western banks. General Hasse, the German commander in Hautot, sent elements of the 571st Regiment to occupy the crossroads at Appeville and attack the landings from the western heights. The Cameron Highlanders reached the heights above the Appeville crossroads, but the bridge was already occupied by German light artillery and infantry and they could not proceed without the tanks from Dieppe. The attack on the east also slowed and stopped well short of its objectives.

Canadian Player:6 command cards. You move first.

German Player:4 command cards to start. Draw two cards at the end of your 2nd turn and keep both. You may have no more than 5 command cards.

Remove the Barrage and Air Power cards before play begins. They are not used.

Conditions of Victory:
Canadian Player: 8 victory points, 3 of which must be objective medals from controlled and "uncontested" hexes.

German Player: Eliminate 8 enemy units.

Special Rules:
Place an Allied objective medal on the radar station, Quatre Vents farm, the bridge at Appeville, La Maison Blanche barracks, and Pourville. Allied player controls a medal hex if is held through 1 full turn (including opponent's) and there are no Axis units in adjacent hexes. Control is lost when an enemy unit enters the hex. If an enemy moves adjacent to a controlled and occuppied hex, control is contested. If a controlling unit leaves, control is contested if an enemy unit is as close or closer than friendly units in the same row or forward rows (from hex row to enemy board edge). Control is maintained/regained if closest friendly unit at same row or forward is closer than nearest enemy. A unit behind the hex row toward the friendly board edge cannot control the hex.

The hills adjacent to the ocean are cliffs (Terrain 11 Cliffs & Sea Bluffs). They are 2-hex move to/from the beach, but are at the same height as the hills behind. The lake and river hexes are impassable except via the bridges. The bridges are accessible only from adjacent road or town hexes. Retreat flag causes loss to units on a bridge. Lake hexes do not block LOS.

The radar station, Quatre Vents farm, the trenches, and La Maison Blanche barracks are on hills at the same level as the surrounding hills and cliffs. The radar station and La Maison Blanche barracks have the same terrain and battle restrictions as town hexes.

Bunkers, trenches and permanent sandbags may be taken as defensive positions by both sides. The sandbag on the farm is permanent.

Mortars: The 3-figure units are mortars. The British Special Forces badge is used to distinguish Canadian mortars. They move and take hits like normal infantry and fire 2/2/1/1 when target is in line of sight (LOS). They fire with 1 die (1/1/1/1) when target is not in LOS, as long as another friendly unit has LOS to the target. They may not fire if no friendly unit has LOS. Mortars are treated as artillery when considering terrain battle reductions.

Artillery: The Axis artillery unit fires as follows: 2/2/2/2/1/1. The artillery may fire only at targets that are within LOS of an Axis unit.

Heroic Leader: The Battle Star on the Allied unit represents Lt-Col Merritt. Apply normal rules in TP, page 9, however no medal is awarded for eliminating the heroic leader. The Battle Star moves only if a friendly unit is within 3 hexes (but if you like, move Star up to 3 spaces and order it later like infantry to move it to a distant unit, but eliminate if attacked and star is rolled).

Allied second landing: At the start of the Allied player's 6th turn, 3 normal infantry units and 1 mortar unit (3-figures) from the Cameron Highlanders arrive on landing craft. Determine the position of their landing craft on the bottom row of sea hexes as follows. For each unit, roll two dice and sum the values, where Grenade=-2, Flag=-1, Infantry=0, Tank=1, and Star=2. If the value is negative (positive) place the unit that many spaces to the left (right) of the hex labeled "River Mouth". Resolve collisions as you see fit (to the next empty hex to left or right).

Axis reinforcements: At the beginning of the Axis player's 7th turn, place 1 Axis infantry unit on Hautot, 1 infantry unit on Appeville crossroads, and 1 3-figure mortars/infantry unit on the Appeville bridge. If hex is already occupied, new unit enters in closest empty hex on top row in center section. Place a German Rosette badge on the Axis mortars unit.

Variations (for fun or to decrease difficulty for specified player):
1. (Allies) If allied unit occupies objective hex, don't require it to be "uncontested" or held for 1 full turn for it to count as victory. I recommend this variation for better balance (but less fun).
2. (Allies) Allies place 2nd wave landing units as desired (minor affect).
3. (Allies/Fun) Radar station may be sabotaged and equipment captured by rolling star from close assault dice. Take medal to beach for permanent medal award. Use normal equipment rules (Actions 12).
4. (Axis/Fun) Require Allies to order a landing craft to enter, pick up radar medal from beach, and take it off board.
5. (Axis) Allow Appeville unit to start on farm hex instead (minor affect).
6. (Axis) Allow Axis to draw 6th card at end of turn 6.
7. (Axis) Allies must destroy the artillery battery near the farm.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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