Counter-attack of the BEF - May 21, 1940

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Western Front By: jdrommel - Last update: 02/23/2010
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Historical Background:
France, May 1940 - With the first of Guderian's Panzers reaching the English Channel near Noyelles-sur-Mer, the Allied forces find themselves cut in two. The situation soon becomes untenable. Thankfully, Lord Gort's British Expeditionary Force (BEF) has withdrawn from Belgium and is now in the vicinity of Lille. He orders General Francklin, commander of the 50th Infantry Division, to lead a counter-attack. He splits his forces in two: on the left, the 4th Royal Tank Regiment and the 6th Durham Light Infantry; on the right, the 7th RTR and the 8th DLI, now providing the "Franckforce" its backbone. The French of the 3° DLM (3rd Mechanized Light Division) provide cover on its right flank.

The British armored columns circumvent Arras by the South, taking Rommel's 7th Panzer "Phantom" Division by surprise. Panicked, the motorcycles of 7.Kradschützen Rgt make a hasty retreat; the German anti-tank guns find themselves powerless against the heavily armored Matildas, and are soon crushed. But Rommel's personality saves the day: he orders his campaign artillery and flak to score direct hits on the British tanks. Then, with evening fast approaching, the Luftwaffe puts a decisive end to the Allied counter-attack. During the night of May 21-22, the BEF falls back on its initial position. Lord Gort is now left with a single option - ordering evacuation of the BEF by sea, at Dunkirk.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis Player [Germany]
Take 5 Command cards.

Allied Player [Great Britain/France]
Take 6 Command cards.
You move first.

Conditions of Victory:
12 Medals.

Agny, Wailly and Beaurains are Temporary Medal Objectives for the Allied forces.

The church in Arras is a Temporary Medal Objective for the Axis forces.

Special Rules:
British Commonwealth Forces command rules are in effect, for British units (Nation 5 - British Commonwealth Forces).

Blitz rules are in effect (Actions 15 - Blitz rules).

Special Weapon Asset rules (SWA 1 - Special Weapon Assets Rules) are in effect for the units equipped with Anti-Tank weapons (SWA 2 - Anti-Tank Weapon).

Place a badge on German elite infantry units (Troops 2 - Specialized Units) and on the German mobile artillery unit (Troops 14 - Mobile Artillery).

Place a badge on British "Matildas" elite tank units (Troops 2 - Specialized units).

The Axis artillery unit with a Battle Star is a Flak 88mm gun. Apply the following Heavy Anti-tank Guns rules : - Move 0-1 or battle at 2, 2, 2, 2. - Stars rolled score a hit on Armor. - Target must be in line of sight. - Ignore terrain battle protections.

The "Air Power" card cannot be played by the Allied player. If he draws it, he must immediately discard it and draw a new one.

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