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Seelow heights - April 08, 1945

Eastern Front By: Lujo - Last update: 10/16/2009
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x10 x12 x10 x12
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Historical Background:
Last barrier standing between Red Army and Berlin were the small hills of Seelow heights, controlling the plains and the Oder underneath. Von Manteuffel was put in charge of the defenses that were expected to halt the advance of the Konev's forces. On april 8 1945, after a few encounters, the Soviets learned how expensive this battle was going to be for them. German elaborate defenses full of minefields and hidden personnel with anti-tank guns and rockets were almost an impossible challenge for countless Konev's units. During the course of next two days, desperate defenders inflicted terrible losses to the assaulting and charging Soviets, making them pay a huge price for each mile taken. However, numbers of Soviet forces were so great that no matter how heavy the losses were, the attacks could continue uninterrupted. On april 10, Konev had brought up the artillery and tore up some of the the first German lines and minefields. The following charge of the Soviet armor was at their shocking surprise wiped out by newly brought and positioned German heavy artillery division. On april 11, Stalin was already furious and his commanders feared for their lives: they ordered a full - scale non - stopping charge with commanders charging behind the soldiers, ready to shoot anyone turning back. Again, enormous losses were taken while German machine guns wiped out countless charging units and things would look even worse if the German soldiers wouldn't have been running out of ammunition. On that day even the Konev's armored forces were rendered useless. Despite all this, the next day will see the German defenders already drained to ineffective fighting force and Soviet reserves entering the battle and overrunning the heights with the road to Berlin wide opened.
Until recently the Russians had claimed that they lost 10,000 men during the battle for the Seelow Heights and 100,000 in Berlin. The actual figures are unknown. Yet no less than 30,000 Red Army soldiers were killed at Seelow, and the staggering figure of 600,000 killed in Berlin seems more plausible. Konev complained at one point that he was losing 1,000 men a day because Zhukov's artillery failed to shift fire when asked. Zhukov denied that allegation, stating that Konev was not using his troops intelligently.

Soviet player - general Ivan Konev: 8 cards, one of them must be the "Artillery bombard" card
German player - general Hasso Baron von Manteuffel: 12 cards, one of them the "Counter attack"

Conditions of Victory:
Soviet player: 12 victory medals. Each unit that exits the board down the roads to Berlin is worth one victory medal.
German player: 16 victory medals.

Special Rules:
Scenario is built for two Base sets, Terrain pack, Eastern front(s), Campaign book (just for Anti-tank badges) and not obligatory air pack.

The Soviet and German infantry and armored special forces as well as engineers are ruled respectively.
German tank unit with only one figure is the King Tiger unit which uses the elite Tiger units rule (ignores one flag and shoots at +1 die when not moving).
All Soviet special forces' badges are used for the infantry, but the Soviet armor units are made of extremely tough vehicles (IS-2 and new versions of T-34) and all have 4 figures.

Rivers Oder and Alte Oder are fordable. Small lakes are impassable.

SOVIET REINFORCEMENTS: Soviet player has to put his lost infantry and tank figures in a separate place. Once per turn, provided that Soviet player had lost enough figures to form a full infantry or tank unit, he can place it as a reinforcement on one of the hexes marked with Soviet star. This is done at the end of his turn if the hex is unoccupied, max one unit per turn. New units may be only ordinary, non-special forces. Any excess lost figures have to wait next turns of the game to eventually enter. Since entering at the end of the turn, units do not fight nor move.
GERMAN REINFORCEMENTS: At the end of his 6th turn (keep track of this), German player places one artillery unit anywhere on his board edge.

BARRAGE: Soviet player, when using the "Barrage" card may also remove one minefield if adjacent to target.

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Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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