Second Battle of Monte Cassino - January 24, 1944 - February 11, 1944

Across the Snakes Head
Mediterranean Theater By: 50th - Last update: 04/17/2013
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x6 x5 x4 x6
    first You play first

Historical Background:
In early 1944 the Germans were fighting from a line of heavily fortified positions that were part of the Gustav line that was part of the larger defensive Winter line. Around the town of Cassino was a large group of hills that formed a natural barrier, on top of several hills was an Benedictine monastery that had been built around 530 AD. The most important part of the monastery was on Hangman's Hill. The allies, fearing that Germans had taken over the abbey, bombed it to ruins. After the bombing, A German paratrooper unit that had been transformed into an infantry unit, took residence in the ruins, which formed better defensive positions. The Germans had also mounted Panther tank turrets into bunkers on top of the highest peaks. The Germans also flooded the Rapido River which also made it harder for the allies to reach the high hills. In the first attack, the 34th and 36th Divisions crossed the flooded Rapido River and made it as far as point 445.

Allies: Take 4 command cards and move first.

Axis: Take 6 command cards

Conditions of Victory:
Allies: You get one permanent medal for taking point 445, and a temporary medal for taking the abbey, plus take four more medals. You must reach the abbey medal to win.

Axis: Keep the allies from reaching the temporary medal, and the permanent medal objectives. Take five medals to win.

Special Rules:
The 2 fortresses (abbey's) are at the same level as the mountains. See Terrain Card #24 Fortresses
The area around the Rapido River is flooded. The road by the river is on high ground. See Flooded Fields Terrain Card #23 and High Ground Terrain Card # 25
Air Pack rules are in effect.
See Hills terrain Card # 6 #30 Mountains, Steep Hills Terrain Card #13 and Cliffs and Sea bluffs Terrain Card # 11
Pontoon Bridges may be built. See Terrain Card #33
For rules on collapsible boats and rafts, see TP rules page 8 or Actions Card #5. In addition roll 4 dice when on river, infantry and grenade results destroy units in boats due to current.

Scenario Bibliography:
Campaigns of World War Two Day by Day
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