Ticket to Ride France Ticket to Ride France

The Goodwood opération - July 18, 1944 - July 20, 1944

Operation Goodwood - The fail of the "Montgomery tank alley".
Western Front By: Fred II - Last update: 10/02/2011
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x6 x12 x8 x12
    first You play first

Historical Background:
Mid-July 44, the two Allied armies in Normandy continues to lag. The first U.S. army under the command of Bradley, is still stuck in the grove in front of St Lô, and the 2nd British under the command of Montgomery, has been stagnating around Caen, which is partly fallen on July 10 but the left bank of Orne still stands. Critics, including against Montgomery, fuse. The latter, to cut the grass under the feet of Bradley who is preparing "Cobra ", decides to reach the Caen-Falaise road (RN 158) in passing, this time, by the East side, and launch (finally) his Armoured brigades in the plain of Caen, in a decisive and victorious cavalery charge ...

Following (with current and historical pictures) on my personal page: http://www.daysofwonder.com/fr/mypage/660718/m44 (with an english version!).

NB: On the chart, "BB" is Armoured brigade, "DB" is Armoured division, "DI" is Infantry division, and "Bat B" is Heavy armoured tank battalion.

The stage is set, the troops are in position, and History is in your hands. Have fun!

8 cards for the Allied player.
5 cards for the Axis player.
The Allied player begins. His first round begins with an air attack AND a barrage fire, and then he plays his first card.

Conditions of Victory:
The hex of the city of Caen (fortress) gives a temporary medal to one of two players who controls it (1 unit must occupy the hex). Thus the Axis player begins with a medal.
A temporary medal for the allied player if one of its units takes the Bourguébus and/or Vimont town. The medal for taking Bourguébus is mandatory: without this medal, the Allied player can not win.
A definitive medal for the Axis player if a German unit reaches 2 of the 4 bridges over the Orne river and the canal.
Any allied unit that reaches the RN158 gives the player allied a definitive medal (the unit is immediately removed).

Special Rules:
The entrenched German tanks unit, marked by a star, is a Tank Destroyer unit (troops No. 24).
The two artillery units marked with a German army symbol are 88mm cannons (heavy anti-tank guns, troops No. 23).
German reinforcements: engagement of the 1 SS Panzer Korp, as follows:
- The 3 units of the 1st SS Pz Div. can be activated only from the third medal won by the Allies. They are all hidden before.
- The 2 units of the 12th SS Pz Div. can be activated only from the sixth medal won by the Allies. They are all hidden before.
As a German unit remains in a hex of the metallurgical complex (SMN), the German artillery's range (1 single unit: the Pz Art. rgt 155 of the 21st Pz Div) is increased by 2 hex (3-3-2 -2-1-1-1-1).
Orne River and its canal are impassable and prohibit any shooting (infantry and armor).
Vimont City is passable as a road hex, so units are not forced to stop. Combat rules are unchanged: no fight when entering the city.
The German infantry unit with only 1 figure in Colombelles is a sniper (Troop No. 10).
3 infantry units are reduced to 3 figures at the beginning (spotted in Démouville, Giberville and Grentheville). They can't be reinforced more than 3 figures each.
The two railway bridges in the southeast of Caen rails are simple railroad (lack of hex ...).
Each Recon card can be played as an air attack by the Allied player.
British phlegm active: a British (or Canadian) unit reduced to 1 figure in close combat, if not retired, riposte with a 1 dice roll terrain effects ignored).
Air rules are optionals: 2 Air outputs for the Allies - 1 Air output for the Axis.

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Traduction: Google traductor (sorry for the mistakes).

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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