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Battle of Alam el Halfa - August 31, 1942 - September 04, 1942

Operation Brandung
Mediterranean Theater By: 50th - Last update: 06/01/2011
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x5 x6 x6 x7
first You play first    

Historical Background:
The first battle of El Alamein was seen by both sides as a British win. Although the British knew their defenses needed work. Rommel knew from his intelligence that 100,000 tons of tanks and equipment were due to arrive in September to supply the British. Time was not on his side. The British began laying minefields and that told Rommel that they were planning for an attack. The British were stronger in the north, so Rommel decided to attack to the south of Alam el Halfa ridge. Unknown to Rommel, Montgomery had dug in his tanks on Alam el Halfa ridge. He decided to use a tried and tested tactic of attacking under the cover of darkness along a 29 mile trek south of Alam el Halfa, and swing around to engage the northern forces from the rear in the morning. To hide his plans for attack, Rommel assembled his panzers by night and camouflaged them by day. He then used the Italian troops in the North to stage a diversionary attack through the British minefield. His sappers began to work on the mines to give his panzers lanes through the minefield. You are the generals, take charge!

Axis: Germany and Italy- Take five command cards and move first.

Allies: United Kingdom and Commonwealth- take six command cards.

Conditions of Victory:
Axis: Take six victory medals with one of those being the temporary medal objective at point 87.

Allies: Take seven victory medals and hold Alam el Halfa ridge. The medal objective there is a majority medal objective. The British keep it as long as they hold the majority of the 3 ergs and ridges hexes of Alam el Halfa.

Special Rules:
Night Rules are in effect. Because of a full moon, visibility starts off at 3. For rules, see Actions card #19.
Air Rules are in effect, however air sorties and air power cannot be played until full daylight.
Italian Royal Army command rules are in effect. See Nations card #6 for rules.
British Commonwealth command rules are in effect. See Nations card #5 for rules.
The Italian armor has 2 figures as M 13/40 tanks used in this battle have less than 2 inches of armor.
The green armor figures are M3 Stuart light tanks with 3 figures, move 4 (3 with Blitz rules) and fire 2 2 2. Light tanks cannot engage heaver armor.
North Africa Desert Rules are in effect. For rules, see Actions card #9.
For rules on Wadis, see Terrain card #44 or MT rulebook page 6.
For rules on Escarpments, see Terrain card #63 or Mt rulebook page 5.
For rules on Rails, see Terrain card #38 or TP rulebook page 5.
For rules on Ergs and Ridges, see Terrain card #64 or MT rulebook page 4.
For rules on Train Station, see Terrain card #39 or TP rulebook page 5.

Scenario Bibliography:
El Alamein 1942 The Turning of the Tide by Ken Ford
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Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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