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The 106th Pz Brigade Destruction - September 08, 1944

Western Front By: Hydrommel - Last update: 01/07/2012
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Historical Background:
On the 8th September, 1944, the leader of the first German Army wanted to relax the pressure on the river Moselle. To do so, he launched without any previous recon, the 106th Brigade to counter attack on the flank of the XXth Corps held by the 90th Infantry Division.
A German mechanized infantry company and an anti-tank unit went onto the village of Avril, while the main part of the Brigade aimed to make a break through Noroy, via the Mont Bonvilliers road, in order to take by surprise the 90th ID.
The German operation was a disaster, and the day ended on the complete destruction of the Panzer Brigade.

The Axis Player takes 5 Command Cards, and is the first to play.
The Allied Player takes 3 Command Cards. At the end of his turn, he takes 2 Command Cards until his hand reaches 5 Command Cards. If he plays a Recon Command Card before his hand reaches 5, he takes 2 cards, discards one, and takes then another one.

Conditions of Victory:
5 Victory Medals.
The Axis player wins a Victory Medal for each exiting unit from the card either via the road near Avril, or between the "Exit" pieces near Norroy (3 hexes).

Special Rules:
1. The German infantry is mechanized infantry (Troops 2: Specialized Units).
2. US armor units are recon or anti-tank units. Less strong than others, they only got 2 figurines.
3. The US infantry unit in Mairy holds a heavy machine gun (Material 1: Rule of Material). She can fire at 4/2/1 on infantry only (3/2/1 on other units). In a round, she can move OR fire. She cannot take ground after combat.
4. The US infantry in Landres has got an anti-tank weapon (Material 2).

Scenario Bibliography:
The game "Lorraine 1944, The Destruction Of The 106th Pz Brigade" by Nicolas STRATIGOS, published in the French magazine "Vae Victis" (magazine specialized in Games about Tactics and Strategic in History; Hors Série N°6) - www.vaevictismag.com.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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