2nd Battle of Sidi Rezegh - November 29, 1941 - December 01, 1941

Operation Crusader
Mediterranean Theater By: Hydrommel - Last update: 02/19/2012
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x6 x9 x4 x9
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Historical Background:
The towns and the airfield are held by the New-Zealand infantry division (6th and 4th Bde). The Tobruk garrison broke the siege, and is coming from North (70th ID and 32nd armored Bde). In the same time, reinforcements are coming from South (XXXth Army Corps, composed of the 7th arm. Bde and the 1st South-African Div. This situation threatens the Deutsche Afrika Korps (DAK): Rommel has to free the road to Tripoli (to East).
Nov. 28th: Sidi Rezegh is assaulted by the 15th PanzerDivision (PzD). She then repelled the 70th ID and flew to Belhamed (Dec. 1st). Thus, the 6th NZ Bde withdrow to Zaafran.
Nov. 29th: the XXXth Corps runs to the North steep sloap (escarpement) but is stopped by the Ariete Division.
Nov. 30th: the 21st PzD attacks Zaafran. The 4th NZ Bde has to fly back as the 6th did.
The DAK broke through: he will not be surrounded!

This scenario is designed for two players. Even if it is an Overlord frame, you have to use it as a standard scenario with 3 sections (identical to the 3 double-sections of a standard Overlord game). Players play their cards one by one, like in a standard basic game. At last, it is highly recommanded to play it with Breakthrough cards (Winter Wars extension).
The Axis plays with 6 command cards, and plays first.
The Allies play with 4 command cards (if you don't have Breakthrough cards, you may use the standard cards. In this case, the Allies play with 5 cards).

Conditions of Victory:
Axis: 9 medals. The three towns and the airfield are Last to Occupy Medal Objectives (Winter Wars rules).
Allies: 9 medals. Sidi Rezeh and the airfield are two Last to Occupy Medal Objectives. These medals are in possession of the Allies at the beginning of the game.

Special Rules:
North African desert rules (Actions 9).
Allies: BCF rules (Nations 5). The 1st South-African Div. are Specialized Units (Troups 2 - infantery units with British Special Forces badges). The 32nd armoured Brigade (Armor units with British Special Forces badges) are 4 tanks units but their movement is limited to 2 hexes. The New-Zealand infantry at the 'cote 175' point, is depleted (Troups 22), with only 2 figures.
Axis: The Ariete Div. is italian (Nation 6). Armored and infantry units are Specialized units (Troups 2). The mobile artillery is italian, too.
The Air Pack rules are optional. If used, the Allies get one Air Sortie card, the other one is mixed with the Command Cards stack.

Scenario Bibliography:
Champs de Bataille - Seconde Guerre Mondiale - Thématique - numéro 11
Thanks to: jdrommel, who helped to identify all the units in the battle; the earlier 'testers' and their useful constructive criticism (Martha H. Potter, jdrommel, Bar-91, Philoo).

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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