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Designed by Jacques "jdrommel" David, this campaign does not focus on a particular front or on an important general. It is dedicated to the memory of all of the GIs that, like Audie Murphy, did their duty during the dark hours of World War II, and that went "To Hell and Back".

The 3rd US Infantry Division "Rock of the Marne" was one of the first divisions engaged in World War II. It fought in Sicily, in Italy (Salerne and Anzio landings), then in southern France, in Alsace, and finally in Germany, near the Czech border, where it finished the war.

The division suffered heavy losses throughout the war, as it was engaged in violent battles in Italy and in the Vosges mountains.

One of the bravest soldiers of this division was Audie Murphy, the most decorated American soldier of Second World War. He started the war as a private in the 15th US Infantry Regiment in 1943. By they time the war was over in 1945, he was a lieutenant with 38 medals, including the Medal of Honor. After the war, he became a Hollywood movie star and wrote an autobiographical book, "To Hell and Back", about his World War II experience.

Required expansions: Terrain Pack, Eastern Front

Recommended expansions: Winter Board, Campaign Book, Pacific Theater, Tigers in the Snow

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*Courtesy of Jaime "Almilcar" Devesa and Jose "jasorel" Ruiz