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On the morning of May 20, 1941, hundreds of German planes appeared in the Cretan sky. The invasion of Crete, codenamed Unternehmen Merkur, had just begun. About 15,000 German Fallschirmjäger were dropped onto various strategic points of the island with the intent of capturing the British airfields and harbors. Taking these objectives would grant control of the Eastern Mediterranean to the Axis forces.

After 10 days of a fierce battle, the British, Greek, Cretan, Australian and New Zealand soldiers finally surrendered to the invader. While the German paratroopers were victorious, more than 4,000 men had been lost, and Hitler forbade any further large-scale airborne operations. Yet the Allies realized the potential of airborne divisions, and began to train their own paratroopers...

This Campaign was created by Richard Borg for the World Boardgame Championship held in August 2011 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Required expansion: Terrain Pack

Recommended expansion: Mediterranean Theater

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*Courtesy of Jaime "Almilcar" Devesa and Jose "jasorel" Ruiz