On May 8, 1945, after 6 years of war, the German Wehrmacht surrendered to the Allies in Berlin. War in Europe was finally over. 1945, however, saw the final throes of a powerful military; as the American and British forces pushed forward on the western front, Soviet forces advanced tirelessly from the east, closing in on Berlin. Struggling to defend the fatherland, German soldiers proved to be fierce warriors, even when outnumbered or encircled. The war would not end as easily as expected.

Today, 70 years after the end of the war in Europe, we offer you four scenarios to commemorate the battles of 1945. The standard scenarios require several Memoir '44 expansions and the Seelow Heights Overlord scenario requires at least one additional copy of Memoir '44 and two Eastern Front expansions, as well as other items from various expansions. Gather your friends, and relive the last fierce battles of WWII in Europe…

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Erratum: In scenario #1, "Hatten & Rittershofen" the Mobile Artillery Unit (bottom left of the board) should be an Allied unit, not an Axis one (the Special Rules text is correct).

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