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Ratings for "Breakout to Lisyanka"

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Average rating: 2.9 (43 ratings) Language: 
FeverJay If Germany gets lots of center-attack and center-assault cards, the battle is quickly over. Otherwise a really neat scenario.
Nutty31 Excellent scenario. Difficult for the Germans to strike a balance between moving forward to get those important escape medals, and not over extending and giving the Russians opportunities for easy medals. But the fact Germans can quickly grab 2+ medals in a single turn late on means it will often be a close finish. Fast movement cards such as Infantry Assault and Behind Enemy Lines are important for Germans.
Little Soldier Excellent scenario with plenty of momentum shifts in the game that I played.
La Roche-Guyon
Le roi poussiere La clé de ce scénario c'est l'artillerie Soviétique dans le village de Dzhurzhents.
picpic75 TRes bon scénario, avec plusieurs options pour l'Allemand
franc3555 Scénario vraiment intéressant !!! merci beaucoup !!!
Musashi1973 Very good scenario with a good variation of terrain.
Dwight the Ike Sérré et passionnant !
Winter Storm
Eagle four Scénario intéressant, dommage qu'il n'y a pas d'autres batailles "officielles" après celle-ci, comme la conquête de la Prusse Orientale...
Morvran-Fr Scénario intéressant du point de vue tactique. Les Russes peuvent tenter d'amener leurs renforts au centre pour bloquer l'avance allemande. Ou attaquer à gauche pour détourner l'objectif de l'adversaire.
Toldea2 Scénario original et équilibré.
Turboheizer Very close and interesting battles. As the German player, there is no need to race for the river. Better concentrate on pummeling weak Soviet units.
rwk53 Great senario. Would recommend trying to breach the Russian front with surgical attacks rather than a full frontal assault.
pangloss My favourite Eastern Front scenario so far. For the Germans, a big push in the beginning turns quickly into a desperate dash for the river. Good fun.
yangtze Just the best fun! If you play German, you think you're going to steamroller the defense and exit your whole army... but then the T34s arrive. The open space from the German start line to the river is a killer. You get bogged down in firefights with Soviet infantry, so you just run for the river with whatever's close enough by turn four. Then you're in severe danger of being completely overrun. Great scenario for tank commanders. The objective of crossing the river is entirely realistic, given the Soviets have only 4 cards, and have to swing their reinforcements across half the board to stop it happening.
GMan20 Wow! This may be the best scenario yet. Great sense of real battle and history: Soviets in serious trouble at first, but Germans panicking by the end. A great challenge for both sides.
billpurpy Great scenario. Allows great tactical play from both sides. In my opinion, This and Ponyri are the best scenarios from the Eastern Front.
King Tiger
Mile High Generals Great scenario. Russian tank commander loved the T-34s.
gSTEWART Definitely one of the best! Seemed unbalanced at first, but our games have been close throughout. Many ways to go. Close but never crossed the river. Favorite!
Taikuri In solitaire test, the german assaulted with all their might in the centre. As a result, the soviets would have annihilated the germans eventually, but behind enemy lines guaranteed two quick points for the germans. Although solitaire play, I loved the scenario.
player30140 A great scenario, where the german race to the river it's really a cruel feeling. The stunned russian troops are well depicted by the only four command cards. Few tactical problems for the german player but much more trouble for the russian trying to block the mounting wave of those desperate troops. German player is favourite, but it might be a massacre....
Brummbar Another great expansion scenario! One of the more challenging ones too. We had units crossing the river in almost every game we played, they usually won the battle as a result (getting an infantry unit across gives you 2 medals!)
msaari Excellent scenario. A bloodbath should ensue... The desperation of the Germans is obvious. The two points from infantry crossing the river is a temptation that's hard to resist. Too bad none of my troops made it...
Fluff Daddy Very tight battle with some interesting momentum problems for the Germans.
Sébi8313 Rapide et sympas.
Philoo Scénario intéressant mais dont l'équilibre peut être rompu par le joueur "allemand" s'il tire des cartes centrales. L'Assaut joué au milieu est dévastateur. A contrario, si le joueur "allemand" ne peut pas activer ses unités au centre, cela devient du tir aux pigeons pour les Russes. Côté russe, le désenclavement des unités de blindés prend du temps mais il est redoutablement dangereux pour son adversaire.
tank commander A good scenario, but there is nothing to really encourage the Germans to try and cross the river. I do not count the "medal award" for crossing as it is an unrealistic goal. After all, one must first be adjacent to the river (for Inf) or be within 2 hexes of the river for armor to cross. Also, only units w/ at least 3 figures are sure to cross -- those w/ 2 or less run the risk of falling through the ice. As the historical objective of the Germans was to breakout by crossing the river, I must rate this otherwise fine scenario lower than I would otherwise as that element is missing.