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Ratings for "[Greece] Attack on the Metaxas Line"

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sam1812 We played this with 5-players and NFP Air rules. Between 3 Barrages and Air Combat cards, 5 of the first 6 units destroyed were artilleries. NFP rules make it too easy to kill artillery in bunkers, which detracted from the play. Allied Right received a total of 2 cards during its first 10 turns. Allied Center received 0 cards during its last 7 turns. Axis Left received 5 cards during its first 11 turns, but two of them were Recons. Thrilling endgame on the Allied Left, where either side could have won a couple of turns in a row. However, in the other two sections, during both sides' last 7 turns in the other two sections, there was a total of only 4 kills, and 3 of them were due to Behind Enemy Lines. We were mostly watching the action through binoculars. In a battle that ended on Axis's 19th turn, there were long, boring spells for each FG. I'm sure this one would have been better without the planes.