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Ratings for "St Vith"

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Average rating: 2.7 (55 ratings) Language: 
Rey Carlito Très bon ! J'ai joué les 2 camps, j'ai gagné les deux parties. Mais c'est un vrai jeu de patience pour gagner. la 2ème partie a duré 1h15m.
underwaterandrea Very well balanced. The variety of the terrain combined with the randomness of the cards generates plenty of different situations and battles. The initial positioning of the troops is weird and the players need to quickly change it : the tanks should lead the battle on the axis side and the allies' infantry stuck next to the impassable hill should be moved to a place where they can retreat. The Overrun Combat capability shows its full advantage in this scenario.
DJ1019 Well balanced with interesting terrain.
Musashi1973 A very well-balanced scenario.
malkav999 Great! Played a couple of games and both were in scores of 6:5 and 5:6, with great actions for both sides. Allies are posted at hills, but Axis can hide and hit them with artillery, decreasing their forces.
leclerc bon scénario mais trop parallele
berber supériorité de puissance des panzer tigres et panthe pas assé démontré et pour vavorisé l'éstétique pensé a changé le plato avec celui du front est "="
MajorOracle Very well balanced.
Winter Storm
Morvran-Fr Trés bon scénario, trés varié.
ambiorix Very good exciting scenario!
Zaltan Très intéressant !!!
JFKoski I like this one.
GMan20 Well-balanced, entertaining scenario. Fierce action in all flanks.
billpurpy Great scenario, really became an armored clash.
Deano Good scenario - lots of options for development.
boersma8 Very fun scenario. When we played it, it turned out to be a very different battle than the historicalone...The Germans dug in and let the Americans come to them....Nevertheless it still proved to be very interesting. A shame no allied victory points are won by capturing one or more town hexes....I can see this scenario turning out differently each and every timeyou play it. Therefore we will definately replay it....
LimDul Very good scenario with many options to both sides
geoff5565 Brilliant, close game, a real cliffhanger (pun intended)
gudule5 les 2 forces sont equilibrés
TexasToast Seems to be a very balanced battle.
gSTEWART Always close, right to the last turn. Both sides have many options. Great!
mrbb One of the better scenarios. We also had a split win on this, and there are lots of possible strategies for both sides.
msaari Lots of action, interesting terrain. Seems balanced.
Chaplain Shafer
Sixter This is an OK scenario, the main plus is that it seems well balanced. A couple of things are questionable, such as the impassable hill side above the town. The objectives aren't really clear either, seems like this scenario might be prone to stalemates, waiting for the game winning card etc.
Philoo Scénario bizarre où les Américains sont exposés malgré leurs positions défensives. Jusqu'à présent me laisse le souvenir d'un résultat en tout ou rien. Sans compter 4 % de touche contre les blindés avec les Ricains, justement...
jdrommel Bon équilibre, il semble que les alliés soient quand même avantagés par le terrain.
Drax Kramer American initial setup makes little sense to me. I mean, who'd place his defenses in such way that their line of retreat is cut off? If it weren't for a lot of tanks, I'd rate it even lower.
Skorzeny Enorme avantage de terrain pour les alliés, malgrès un appui d'artillerie intensif pour affaiblir les lignes alliées.