Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West

Ratings for "Twin Villages"

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Average rating: 2.7 (31 ratings) Language: 
Airfix When playing the Axis, breaking the tanks through the woods gives good flexibility in hunting down any units that aren't in bunkers. Use the infantry to attack the sandbagged allied positions. When playing the Allies, mobilizing down around the left flank and and moving in to the woods helps eliminate some of the units on the edge.
Dadof9 Good balance, need to think on this one. Watch the tanks through the woods! Axis with armor assault is deadly here. Allied arty up one hex makes for added damage at the tree line.
david5272 great map
Winter Storm
Morvran-Fr Bon Scénario, trés intéressant tactiquement.
Philoo Cette carte diffère de celle de l'Air pack, de un hexagone. Ce qui peut avoir de terribles conséquences.
*player242453 Super scenario, those darned woods just get in the way, and Allies just put infantry in the villages and wait...
godroo Bonne bataille qui est intérressante pour les allemand qui doivent composer avec la foret et les alliés qui peuvent se servir des villes. Les batailles d'Ardenne sont plus corsé pour les allemands mais donne lieu a des scores plus serrer dans mon cas!
yangtze Nice scenario - Germans hamstrung by the woods and only 4 cards, but those panzers pack a punch... hide! Always close...
GMan20 Great scenario, can play out in many different ways: all-out slugfest or more tactical. Well-balanced.
player30140 I'm agree with Brummbar. Well balanced and complex. A real fun.
Fluff Daddy Air Pack rating - though I don't think you should use planes on this one if you're keeping it historically accurate. (Weather was horrific.)
Musashi1973 Nice Senario, can be a little hard for the axis imo.
Brummbar Well balanced scenario. Each side presents it's own challenges for defence and attack... 2.5 stars
*player286422 La pire des batailles côté alliés. On attend de se faire massacrer dans les villages par les panzers une fois déployés. Pas top...
JFKoski Note: This is not the online scenario! This has an extra forest hex on the Top-Left side.