Ratings for "Valkenburg Airfield"

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Average rating: 2.5 (11 ratings) Language: 
aireW Timing !
General Slim
maletsky Great balance and forces good hand management, especially for the Germans. When do they push into their flanks to take advantage of those cards and when to pull back and defend the airfield. Their elite abilities are necessary to have a chance to pull out a win on this one. Great.
rasmussen81 Germans have good position in the middle of the board but it's fun to develope a plan that will allow the Allie to win anyway! One of my favorite battles to play as the underdog!
bigmal40 One sided! germans used central position effectivley
Morvran-Fr Bon scénario.
Philoo Les Allemands sont à découverts, ils ont intérêt à revoir leur système de défense car ils sont tous seuls.