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Ratings for "Sword Beach"

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Average rating: 2.8 (180 ratings) Language: 
BagrationM Le scénario est très sympa, pour moi, le meilleur débarquement du jour J. Idéal pour l'initiation, quand, après Peagasus Bridge, voire Sainte Mère Eglise, on veut aborder les règles plus complexes de la boite de base.
HongKongHermit Getting the German armour out early means it can dominate that flank. Great scenario, and as the first to include all the toys it's the best "schiesse got real" moment of the intro scenarios.
player3368245 Clearly this is why the original edition of the game was made. An outstanding scenario. Our first play was lopsided (for the Germans) but that was due to inexperience on our part. Will play this one again.
PzGrenBtl 292
*player467554 One of the Best and easier to play Landing Scenarios...for Both Side.... but the Axis is a little Harder to play, because less more troops and Cards,...but a good terrain setting...
*player462908 Très bon rapport de force.Très bonnes positions défensives pour le joueur de l'Axe et très bon fer de lance avec les trois régiments de Sherman pour le joueur allié.
zart Très intéressant et équilibré
Tom_Quatorze Beaucoup d'actions et équilibré
*player431768 Les positions défensives allemandes sont excellentes ce qui contrebalance l'avantage numérique des alliés
Dadof9 Very tough for the allies.
*player401209 action intense, bien équilibré
Yokohama Baystar Very balanced. Outcome often hinges on the performance of the Axis artillery and armor. The landing craft in the Air Pack version help the Allies get up the beach a bit faster.
*player384780 A fun beach landing, and a nice clear game to breeze through.
*player373714 Well balanced, though it seems a little tougher going for the allies than the Brits actually found it?
Québecpel Très bon scénario, plutôt équilibré donc dans lequel de bonnes cartes et de bons dés peuvent faire toute la différence (particulièrement du côté allié).
Queripel Well balanced, good scenario
*player335448 scénario parfaitement égale mais les unités allemandes prés avancé ne font pas long feu face au chars
Clexton27 Very fun to play and offers great challenge for each side.
ReTuono Scénario très équilibré avec beaucoup de choix à faire des deux côtés. Les camps sont asymétriques et doivent se battre avec leurs moyens propres.
Biker1999 My only playing saw the Axis get crushed badly which flies in the face of what others are saying. Must be balanced!
*player288235 Scenario divertente e bilanciato, difficile una vittoria schiacciante, si vince all'ultima medaglia. Più impegnativa la tattica per gli alleati.
Eryc le Rouge Toujours très pertinent dans la gradation des difficultés des scénarios et l'apprentissage des carctéristiques du jeu.
*player260131 ce scénario ma fait revivre le débarquement du 6/06/1944, le temps d'une partie. (Idem pour les scénarios Point du hoc, Omaha beach et utha beach.)
the_doctor Very good balance, enjoyable and well worth playing
lefive tres bonne map,les Allies ont lavantage.j ai souvent gagne en Alliesmais pas allemands
Cheng Still one of my favorites, but I haven't seen the Allies win yet. (That artillery is a killer).
jdrommel Jdrommel Bon scénario, j'ai joué des 2 cotés et je viens de gagner dernièrement avec les Allemands !
cadossan Nice scenario. First thought this will be an easy job for the allies. Then experienced the strong artillery and armour position of the axis. Will play this more times soon.
aerodynamics Tightly balanced and fun for both sides.
Sgt Wilson First beacg scenario played, plenty of variety.
*player198412 Vraiment un bon scénario
MadMav Very Balanced game, Germans do not have many movement options. Just sit and pound the beach!
JFKoski Best of the beach scenarios (most balanced).
player158238 like all invasions card play is key in this one. Pushed Brits into the water once and Brits cleared the broad of Germans once
Brycie35 Well balanced exciting scenario
*player153709 Very balanced, very tense games.
player147471 Setting equal.
Wrinkledlight As quickly as possible Allies should advance as many units as possible using armor to remove wire. This will give the Axis too many fronts to battle giving the Allies the chance to change focus quickly.
Drax Kramer The most balanced of the standard beach scenarios and thus fun to play as either side. It lacks the pressure of Omaha, though.
*player119453 Even after clearing the left flank the Allies had a tough time ahead of them, losing in the end. If German playter maintains their defensive position the Allies really have no chance of victory.
Rikdom Very balanced , replays well
Fentum Played four times now (glutton!). 2-2 and close every time. Very different games each time. Allied 'central spearhead' and 'left flank push' strategies failed. Allied 'broad front push' and 'left flank push' succeeded. Bit worried about lack of options for Axis (static defence pretty much), and also finding that tactics are overwhelmingly decided by card hand, but hey, it's fun and tense - what more do you want ?
srsmith1 Very exciting with good balance. The Allies have numbers but the Hedgehogs, wire and beach sand limit their mobility. And that German artillery is devastating! A fair representation of the real battle.
GMan20 Fun, evenly matched scenario. Either side seemingly can win or get blown out. Good recreation of actual events.
*player95776 Good scenario. Balanced & interesting.
Monsieur B
marioaguila Muy interesante escenario, por las limitaciones al movimiento de los alemanes y la entrada en acción de la artillería
*player88323 A strong flanking attack either on the left or right seems to be the key to allied success. The problem is the german gun in the centre. If you can call down a barrage on that position, if you can dislodge the guns, I believe you will win the game.
*player87746 Very fun scenario, balance is dependent on getting to use the artillery and tanks on the Axis side. The Allies may have a slight operational edge as a result but it still is tough work to get up the beach. Nailed the Allies with an early Air Power card which proved to not be quite as effective as hoped but nevertheless had my opponent worried from the get-go. Third scenario played and loving the game as a quick, satisfying wargame.
Suzeeque Quite a good scenario. If the Germans get get their tank unit out it can cause quite a bit of havoc on the units coming ashore. Takes quite a bit of organisation by the Allied commander to sort his attacks out most effectively. The Allied right flank is the best attacking option, if you get the cards. Range of obstacles makes it interesting. Quite hard for the undermanned Germans to support the 2 infantry bunkers without leaving themselves too open to the Allied tanks. Very open terrain compared to most scenarios, especially in the German lines.
player71794 A very good scenario
*player62261 Very good scenario, balanced and with some strategy decisions.
bucklen_uk Quite difficult for the Allies
*player59717 Scénario incluant toutes les unités! Intéressant pour la suite... ça donne la goût d'aller plus loin dans la reconquête des territoires envahis par les Allemands!
BrokenNails Was better balanced than I first imagined when looking at it. Despite the large number of allied units the wire and hedgehogs on the beach can make the going slow, allowing the German player to pick off exposed units.
MikerG The best, most evenly balanced of the beach scenarios.
*player32536 Very tense situations at times. Difficult for the allies, but that makes victory that much sweeter.
*player31073 Excellent map, it really seems to portray the chaos and frantic rush to get off the beach and away from the wire. If the Allies can break the Axis line anything can happen if the Axis don't regroup right away.
*player29895 Great scenario!. Hard for the Allied player to get a bad card draw with so many units in each sector. Lots of fun for both sides.
Mike Piper Definitely best scenario so far. Played twice: Axis winning 6-1, then Allies by the same score. Best tactic to emerge was to push the Allies up the beach in as broad a front as possible, then the threadbare Axis defence is exposed.
TheEye Well balanced and fun.
*player29349 Both sides need some strategies to win.
braines Excellent. I think taking the tanks up and around teh bunkers (if they survive the beach) is also a good strategy.
Rolld6 Great tension trying to get out of the water and up the beach far enough to be both effective and not take losses with your back to the water.
*player26354 One of my two favorites so far. Balance is better than almost all other scenarios.
chrisv Premier scénario avec tous les types d'unités. Intéressant...même si j'ai perdu!
Alanus Pas facile de se débarrasser de l'artillerie dans le bunker central. Il vaut mieux attaquer sur les côtés en envoyant les blindés supprimer les barbelés.
Kosmo2 Un excellent scénario très équilibré et dynamique, probablement le meilleur scénario de type "plage" du livret de base, car il ets très équilibré et génère des parties belles et variées. Introduction à la notion de débarquement, et aux particularités des trois types d'unités. Les parties sont souvent serrées, pleines de rebondissements, avec des victoires des deux camps. Un must!
Vatlavé Les alliés sont en difficulté s'ils ne sortent pas rapidement de la plage. Le nombre est leur force
MMOfan Very balanced and tense scenario. Allied tanks can indeed remove the wire, but the central piece is the Artillery piece in the bunker.
*player23485 Great beach scenario. Tanks can remove the wire and clear the path for the infantry to hit the beach. Played twice so far and hope to play more.
Dickheerlen Very good en exciting, equal chances for both sides i think....
edralla Tough but even match. The Artillery is critical to the Germans ... without it, they are really up against the ropes. The Allied tanks, while highly mobile, are very weak against hardened targets. They are best used for clearing wire for the infantry to push through. All in all, this my favorite so far.
*player22033 Very close battles both times I've played it. Lot of fun.
carl15 A fun beach landing and pretty close, but seems to give the allies enough pieces to be nearly unstoppable.
*player20576 Solid scenario, although, like the others, does depend on reasonable card draws (and dice throwing) by both sides.
bitterboy Sword beach was one of my favorite scenarios. It's fairly balanced and is fun for either side to play. As a result this one has a high replay value.
Tri0pticon This was the first time either of us had played this scenario. It was fun, lots of "what should I do" thinking and some good die rolls!
Sgt Welsh Bonne carte, qui pour ma part est équilibré. Mais qui avantage quand même les Allièes.
*player15612 Bonne introduction à l'utilisation de tout les types d'unités.
DjihEf Really tought to win. Luck of the draw plays a lot, but so does strategy. Doing the scenarios in other, this is where the game really kicks in!
LotusArdent J'aime regarder les filles qui marchent sur la plage....
clint Super introduction aux débarquements, car très équilibré.
Fluff Daddy Interesting... this scenario can lean either way. Nice...
Chaplain Shafer
shannona Tough fought & interesting.
Yann Mon scénario de plage préféré : équilibré, varié, fun !
viciouspjurahead Easy for the Axis to win because the Allied are backed up in the water
sbchurchill Les alliés ont une vraie chance dans ce débarquement.
player555780 After one play would like to try a few more times, try a couple different approaches.
aaronsibley Interesting !
Morvran-Fr Idem St Mére Eglise, reflaite bien la réalité, je n'ai pas échappé aux embouteillages sur la plage.
*player252264 Beaucoup trop facile à défendre, les barbelés bloquant beaucoup de possibilités aux Alliés. Un peu trop simplet.
Philoo Adapté pour l'initiation. Intéressant.
ColtsFan77 Good scenario but I think I like the other beach landings more. You have to give some scenarios a 2 or it lessens the value of a 3-star rating!
*player198642 axe me semble avantagé
AK_Aramis Fun, but far from perfect. I've played this several times, and enjoy it from either side.
Sammail Interesting and balanced. The lack of German troops is perfectly countered by their strong starting position and the Allied need to move up from the beach.
*player57526 I think this scenario demands a lot of the allied commander and even some luck! Axis priority is to get that panzer in action.
mrbb I don't think its as balanced as everyone seems to say - a little too tough for the allies but then again that's the way it was.
Jimzik Used Home rules and wound up helping the Germans out too much, will just use rules as written from here out.
msaari Exciting landing scenario.
Magellan2K Bon scénario. Assez équilibré. Un regret : seul le tirage des cartes permet de définir les axes de combats. Ca rend les parties plus variées mais les tactiques, moins efficaces.
*player27562 Même si ce scénario nous fait découvrir le coté plage et tous les types d'unité du jeu, j'ai été déçus par son manque de dissymétrie. Que vous attaquiez sur la gauche, le centre ou la droite, le résultat reste à peu près le même. Tout est uniformément réparti. Comme je ne pouvais pas tout faire, le hazard des cartes à fait que j'ai attaqué seulement sur les cotés et c'est bien passé. Peut-être qu'à la deuxième je vais apprécier...