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Ratings for "Bodange"

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Average rating: 1.8 (10 ratings) Language: 
*player579933 Les choses sèrieuses ne commencent qu'après une longue série de tirs d'artillerie et de préparations en tout genre. Intéressant.
Palomides Difficile à jouer coté allié, mais faisable, avec pas mal de stratégie et d'opportunisme
maletsky Takes awhile to set up and does not have many options for allies. Without good cards and good rolls it is tough for the allies to win.
Turboheizer A lenghty opening phase may be followed by some interesting action.
Erwin Vreuls
General Slim Rather a boring scenario - the players just slug it out with no movement...
Jormungandr2 A terrible scenario and, unfortunately, worth a whole victory point in the 1940 grand campaign.