Ratings for "Hedgerow Hell"

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Average rating: 2.6 (23 ratings) Language: 
Almilcar We played this OL for the very first time yesterday on a 3 vs 3 game. A BEL happened to be the decisive card to win for the Allies, who managed to kill a single fig AXIS infantry and exit the board through the central section.
Colonel Sponz
armchairprivate I think my teammate and I stumbled across a good way to play this scenario as the US, because we won 13 to 7. Maybe it's purely by chance or maybe there is a "correct" way to play this one to win as the US, but whichever it is, we took a risk and decided upon a strategy at the beginning that could have gone very badly for us, but we stuck with it and won big over the Germans. Perhaps just VERY lucky!
*player535095 great scenario, very tough on the allies, just like the real thing
Jewell History Club Very well balanced and extremely fun. Lots going on the whole game.
seraphim We had a great time playing this scenario - our first overlord game.
Biker1999 The Germans get the early advantage and in our play, an easy win. Despite that, it was great fun and the overlord maps are great!
Winter Storm
bigmal40 Tough for the Americans but still an intriguing scenario
Sgt Welsh Beau scénario, pas facile pour les Alliés mais équilibré, je pense. Bien prévoir la progression alliée est vitale.
Fluff Daddy
amk211 Under normal circumstances I would rate this as 1-star as it is HEAVILY biased toward the Germans. Starting with 3 VPs and with the American having to cover open ground to dig the Germans out means that despite the American numerical superiority unless they get REALLY lucky with the cards they can't generate the combat power needed to dig the Germans out. The 81% German win rate bears this out. HOWEVER, if you make the American artillery MOBILE it becomes an even fight. I took off a Star because I had to fix what then become an excellent game.
matt96 Ce n'est pas un super scénario. Les unités sont très proches l'une de l'autre dès le début et ça tire de partout sans réelle stratégie. C'est une question de chance et de dés dans ce contexte plutôt que des manoeuvres de jeu.... De plus, le terrain est extrêmement difficile à naviguer avec tous ces bocages. L'attaque est presque impossible à coordonner du côté alliés
player555780 Played as German Left Flank Field Commander. Not a lot to do. Did a fine job of stalling, but he was pushing in when my German Brothers won the day on their more crowded and busy sides.
Musashi1973 Nice scenario with loads of terrain. Difficult for the allied player.
Brummbar Good scenario in general but very difficult for the Allies to win. Hint, to make it a little more balanced, treat the objectives as medals for the Allies only.
ian.rebec One side match.
Nordiskanc Good map, but almost but very tough for the Americans. Next time we play we may try using the air sortie for the Americans only.