Ratings for "Tigers in the snow"

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Average rating: 2.7 (15 ratings) Language: 
ChizelMonkee A fun, if lopsided, scenario. The striking snow map is a joy to behold too!
armchairprivate Possibly the best overlord experience I've had yet. My nephew and I played the Germans, and we decided to bring all our armor to the Center to support the village, while I held out with infantry and artillery on the Soviet Left. Germans held, but barely. Germans 13, Soviets 11.
Biker1999 The Tiger tanks are sweet and the Germans easily won our game but I sense that the Russians could score better than the 6 medals they gained.
bigmal40 Great contest - both sides have big choices.
Nordiskanc Best overlord yet! Lots of armor on the left flanks
SKillelea Lots of big turns of momentum. Very fun.
mikepett22 lots of action!!!
*player579933 Assez long, un grand + pour les tigres.
Achtung Panzer Setup seems a little artificial with the armour starting on opposite flanks. Good fun though, with the village sucking in the action!
Morvran-Fr Le scénario ne semble pas trés équilibré en faveur des Russes.
GGleize Tres esthetique et pratique à deux contre deux. Mais beaucoup trop desequilibre cote allemand a cause des 4 unités de Tigres!