Ratings for "Operation Market Garden"

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Average rating: 2.8 (24 ratings) Language: 
sbchurchill Très bon scenario. La règle spéciale sur la dissymétrie des cartes est très intéressante.
armchairprivate I love that each field general has unique objectives to consider. Lots of tactical choices and tough decisions to make. Loved it!
nemesszili An experience for a lifetime! Well Done!
Achtung Panzer The card mechanism gives this scenario a unique and historially accurate feel. Downsides are that the Tiger rarely gets involved and the artillery in Nijmagen make that bridge almost impossible to take. Still great fun to play though!
Sgt Storm Fun scenario, but so far way too easy for the Allies in my experience.
Winter Storm
bigmal40 Extraordinary - really interesting
Morvran-Fr Trés bon scénario et trés varié.
Nordiskanc This plays uniquely. It is frustrating losing cards as the British!
gibsonb The best in the Overlord Series.
Brummbar I liked a lot about this scenario. It covers the whole of Operation Market Garden and gives you a feel for each of the sectors that need to be covered. The objectives are well integrated and attainable (often, control changed hands a few times!). All in all, a very fun scenario!
Sgt Welsh Bon scénario avec quelques règles et comme le rappel Philoo : ne pas oublier la règle spéciale des Britanniques.
Fluff Daddy I love how it covers a string of battles, how it feels historical, and how it is a great Overlord scenario for newbies (not a bunch of terrain types or optional rules.)
ian.rebec Interesting mechanics with losing cards but I miss the reinforcements schedule (allied parachuters) were coming in a few batches so they need to protect landing sites and here they can go all to attack the bridges. Too easy for Allies.
Piero C
Philoo Bon scénario qui présente une dissymétrie à plusieurs dimensions (répartition des cartes, dispersion des troupes, points de victoire). Une tactique me semble difficile à établir car le terrain n'est pas favorable aux manoeuvres mais les combats sont intéressants. Ne pas oublier la règle spéciale des Britanniques.