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Ratings for "Battle for Hill 178"

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Average rating: 2.2 (14 ratings) Language: 
Helcat Difficult scenario. Can be won by both sides. Although the Germans will have a rough time and it will be more difficult for them. Very good although I would have liked to have had an engineer.
Morvran-Fr Bon scénario, original et varié.
Sgt Welsh Très bon scénario historique et belle carte plaisante à jouer. Le challenge est Allemand : combien de temps résisteront t'ils face à la pression US.
Colonel AY compliqué coté allié et pas super coté allemand
Philoo Scénario assez long à jouer (en 7 points). Les Allemands attendent le rouleau compresseur américain.
Turboheizer The Germans have no chance against a prudent Allied player.
JFKoski I've been wanting to play another scenario with minefields (Winter Wars doesn't count).
Sébi8313 Beaucoup trop statique pour moi.
g1ul10 Allies may rely on air strike and artillery fire so at the end the Germans have to attack across their own defenses. This implies a rather long game. Unhistorical and boring.
Winter Storm Allies may just sit and crush germans with artillery and air power.