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Ratings for "The Easy company enters in Carentan"

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Average rating: 2.6 (7 ratings) Language: 
pragueimp Played 3 times - 2 very close victories for the Allies but with high casualties all round. Then one 5-0 victory for the Allies due to amazingly good cards all focussed on centre sector.
Bucéphale Une bonne carte, très dynamique!!!
sam1812 The German defenses are like a puzzle, and it is a challenge for the Allies to unlock them. I like this scenario a lot.
GMan20 Great reenactment of the battle depicted in "Band of Brothers". Very tense, tough decisions and a lot of fun. Love the difficult choice faced by Germans to either stand and fight with depleted units or run for the sortie hex for a victory point.
Sgt Welsh Un bon scénario basé sur la série "Band of brothers". Premier volet : "Carentan". L'attaque des paras sur la ville. Affaire à suivre.....
Morvran-Fr Bon scénario