Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe 15<sup>e</sup> Anniversaire Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe 15<sup>e</sup> Anniversaire

19767U  Mabatang (by RBorg)
11 Janvier 1942
Guerre du Pacifique
Par : GI John - Mise à jour : 04/12/2017

Contexte historique :
The first major battle of the "Fighting Retreat" occurred south of Calaguiman River. Supported by artillery, the 57th Infantry, set up a line of defense extending from Manila Bay through Mabatang across open ground. The Japanese 65th Brigade and 9th Regiment, also supported by artillery, along with the 7th Tank Regiment slowly approached from the north.

The Filipino-American forces were outnumbered and only because they had time to dig in and register their artillery, did they have a slight chance to stand up to the Japanese attack.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Briefing :
Japanese Player: Take 5 Command cards.
You move first.

Allied (Filipino-American) Player: Take 5 Command cards.

Conditions de victoire :
6 Medals

A Japanese unit that exits off the Allied side of the battlefield from the Exit hex as indicated on Allied baseline, counts as one Victory Medal. The Japanese unit is removed from play. Place one figure from this unit onto the Japanese Medal Stand.

Règles spéciales :
Imperial Japanese Army Command rules are in effect (see Pacific Theater p. 7).

Fish Ponds are explained on Pacific Theater p. 6.

The Sugar Cane Field hexes have the same effect as a Jungle hex. Jungles are explained in the Pacific Theater p. 5.

Avertissement :
Veuillez noter que ce scénario n'a pas été revu et approuvé par Richard Borg ou par Days of Wonder, donc il revient à vous d'en vérifier la jouabilité et l'équilibre.

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