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Yenangyaung oilfields - 16 Avril 1942

rivers of fire
Par : Tyto_Alba - Mise à jour : 17/02/2007
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Contexte historique :
"Much the same amount of shit flying around, but the trouble with these Japanese bastards is that they don't run away like the Italians!'"
British soldier comparing Burma to North Africa

With the loss of Rangoon, the Army in Burma was now isolated from its main base in India and dependent for supplies on the stocks so carefully built up by General Hutton in the Mandalay area. The Allies knew the duration of their control of central and upper Burma would be determined only by the size of the force committed against them. The strategic objective now was to prevent the Japanese gaining control of the Yenangyaung oilfields. On April 16, the 1st Division of the British Army along the north side of Yenangyaung was besieged for two days and nights. Their situation was very critical as they were running out of provisions and munitions, and had been cut off from the water source. Hence, the 113th Regiment and a Chinese Expeditionary Force were ordered to immediately rush to their rescue.
The stage is set. the battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

Briefing :
axis (lt. general Shojiro Iida)
-take 5 command cards

allies (lt. general William Slim)
-take five command cards
-you move first

Conditions de victoire :
6 medals

Règles spéciales :
-the supply depots represent oilfields. they can be sabotaged (TP pag. 7) by allied units. a unit cannot attempt sabotage and battle in the same turn. a unit has to stand on the correponding hex and roll its close assault combat dice. if a star is rolled the oilfield is hit destroyed. when an oilfield is succesfully sabotaged by the allied player removes the tile and japanese medal from the board and the the battle star counts as a victory medal.The axis player takes the japanese medal as long has he stands on a operational oilfield.
-special allied infantry are Chinese forces, mark them to distinguish them from the British forces, they all count as regular infantry.
-imperial Japanese army rules are in effect (PT pag7)
-the tactic air-power card is reversed: axis throw 2 dice, allied only 1
-rivers are not fordable, bridge cannot be destroyed

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Avertissement :
Veuillez noter que ce scénario n'a pas été revu et approuvé par Richard Borg ou par Days of Wonder, donc il revient à vous d'en vérifier la jouabilité et l'équilibre.

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