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Moyenne: 2.7 (24 notes) Langue : 
Musashi1973 Interesting scenario featuring terrain from the terrain pack. Movement is slow and every inch of ground must be hard fought.
johnzel1 Very good scenario. However, I played the axis too defensively and lost 5 to 6.
janos900 Very hard, We like very much, 3 player 6 game, perfect!
Winter Storm Original
Cheng Well balanced and a lot of fun.
JFKoski I've played both sides (lost both), but I find this one an enjoyable challenge. It should have been included in the Terrain Pack
bak400 Outstanding scenario! Great fun from either side of the table!
player158238 its all very simple really 30 corp will just race up this road ...... and in two days, three at the lastest....
Brycie35 Allied player found it very tough, but then again they never did get to those British partrooper at Arnhem bridge did they!
GMan20 After first few cards were played, I was ready to go 2 stars tops, but after playing it out, this is a 3 star scenario. Very challenging for both sides. Each turn seems critical. Slogging through the mud, and figuring out a center strategy add to the fun.
Napender Very good scenario indeed, enjoyed playing although lost twice. Great challenge for both sides.
Lt Winter Premier scénario utilisant des terrains inondés, cela cloisonne la partie et oblige renouveler les stratégies habituellement emplyées, notament pour les blindés.
Mikefitz I have played 6 times and lost all 6- 3 from each side. It is a very tense balanced game- lots of fun slogging through the fields.
Morvran-Fr Bon scénario
Philoo Scénario original. La progression gênée par les champs inondés est une plaie.
Brummbar Challenging! a very interesting lay of the ground will really make you think about moving in confined spaces. Although the flooded fields are passable by tanks, it really doesn't even enter your mind.
shannona An interesting scenario; really changes the dynamics of the core game.