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PattonsTanks I Only give this a 3-star because it is the introductory scenario to Memoir 44. Getting two experienced players to play this though would result in a German bloodbath. Admittedly, it is a good scenario for new players to blunder around on.
Jashin Great beginner scenario. While the allies do have the number advantage, depending on luck the sandbagged german position and the germans in forest might cause quite a trouble. The more inexperienced player should be the allies. This scenario does a good thing of introducing forests, sandbags and wires while also teaching the allied player to leave retreat routes and don't mindessly rush at the germans or else there can be heavy casualties.
Imeror Très bon scénario pour s'initier. On n'utilise que de l'infanterie et le terrain est assez dégagé. Il y a tout de même plusieurs possibilités tactiques pour les deux camps. La surprise des Allemands est bien représenté par les deux cartes au premier tour. Bien que la disposition initiale favorise légèrement les Alliés, un bon joueur Allemand peut retourner la situation à son avantage.
FrankLaMenace Scénario tres simple et bien amusant, avec un bon appui stratégique.
zwyagel очень понравился этот первый сценарий, зачет!
ftl_ftw It's a good scenario to start with; simple and fun. Introducing new players to the game I've played it too many times though.
*player467554 I had play this for Four times. Yesterday with a Friend, he played it never before! This Scenario is the best one to start with, if you are a beginner...And for the Veteran Players very Balanced... With the Air rules book a litle better than the old one!
Diskord Difficult for the Axis, but if the Allied player can't mobilize his center quickly you can fortify your defenses by abandoning the Western bridge and still have a shot.
zart Très bon scénario comme initiation au jeu
J and T It was the first scenario we played, and I enjoyed it! The allied player has some adventage, but when you play carefully with the axis-player, you can hold them off. This scenario is one of my favorites!
maletsky Good introductory scenario, but both sides should be played. I always let new players take the allies first.
*player394594 initiation et réalisme = 8D super
suvix I love it, excellent for first play..
*player384780 A perfect introduction that lets players get a grasp of the basics before building in other factors in later scenarios.
seraphim We've played it four times and enjoy it very much. Great for learning the rules. I played the Axis and let my kids play the Allies. Last time we played I let them have a tank (no medal awarded for killing it) - trying to spark some interest in the next scenarios. :-)
*player373714 If players are well matched, this scenario is very well balanced, with only a slight advantage to the Allies.
Queripel Good intro scenario, seemed balanced as 1 win for each side
*player355223 Excellent introduction to the game.
*player354258 Although the Axis' defense is weak,the Allied hestitates to attack will give them chance.
player351375 Perfect for what it was intended: a simple balanced introduction game.
*player346621 Very good intro. I tried this and love this game :D
*player335448 meme si pour les habitués ce scénario parait monotone pour les débutant c'est un exelent scénario
the_juice101 A basic scenario that gives beginners a way to be introduced to the basic concepts of movement and battle while still allowing the game to unfold differently each time.
AGKorson An excellent scenario to introduce the game.
*player310041 A good scenario if played right. The Axis can do well if they hole up in the forests around the Orne Bridge and bring their infantry on the West side of the Caen Canal down towards Benouville. Three units will be able to fire in the Pegasus area, while the Orne units will have quite a bit of cover.
janos900 Very Good Basic learn scenario.
Eryc le Rouge Excellent pour passer de la théorie des règlements à la pratique du jeu.
deadroof Trés bon scénario pour apprendre les règles de MEMOIRE44.
TimothyP I think this scenario is excellent for learning the game. You start off simple with only infantry, and you learn about some basic terrain types and impassable terrain. It also introduces the concept of special victory medals. For some reason I really appreciate the layout and organization of this one. I typically put new players on the Allies so they have a better chance at winning, and therefore hanging around for future plays!
*player252264 Plus de stratégie qu'il n'y paraît à première vue. Bien équilibré. Très bien.
Calgada Simple et efficace. Bien pour debuter.
*player248557 An excellent introduction to the game. Perfect level of complexity to teach a 9 year old the rules of the game as well.
Pluskat The beginning of D-day and what a way to introduce the game.
apolon sweet
*player211074 sympa et plus diversifié qu'il ne semble à première vue
Sgt Wilson good intro to game.
Michel36 Idéal pour commencer.
*player198412 Bon scénario, permet de prendre bien en main le jeu
*player195223 It was our intro to the game. It played well and fast. Likely favored the Allies. Still both of us had fun.
julesarma une tres bonne partie pour commencer a jouer
*player183222 it is another really cool map - nice for teaching new players, and good as a normal map if You balance it on your own - fro example change one of Axis infantry into Armor Unit
*player176934 excellent learning senario
MadMav Excellent start to the game! The Axis can hold them off with a little luck!
born76 Great scenario to teach the rules. I take axis and the newbie gets allies, so he has a good chance to win. Then swich sides and he/she may try to win as axis.
David707 a brilliant scenario to learn how to play, and still good after you know the rules
Brycie35 Very good into senario, we miss read the Comand card set up & the Allies only had 4 card for the first few turn so maybe our game was a bit closer than it was meant to be!
*player154264 Très bon scénario d'introduction. Simple mais efficace.
Kiko Fernandez
Evil_X A great introductory scenaro, altough it helps to put an experienced commander at the axis side when introducing someone. Me and my friends always have great game when we go back to play the early scenarios of the game.
yangtze A thought-provoking introductory scenario. Interesting situation for the Germans. The Brits have lots of time.
crmnlst Good introduction to teach my son. It provides alot of the game concepts necessary to win in future games, such as taking advantage of odds and also cover. With good cards and lucky dice the Axis could easy win this senario, with only needing four medals.
Motzy Very good do train the game. Both side can win the game.
HitchKennedy Don't let anyone tell you the Germans can't win. Yes, if the British are wise, they'll secure Orne Bridge first and hopefully destroy the two units guarding it. The Germans must abandon Orne and concentrate their forces at Pegasus. Get some decent shooting and you can win.
*player119453 Great introductory scenario. Either side could have won, and for a long while the game was tied.
*player107170 excellent intro. either side can win
HOlg As most of the others said: Its a perfect Intro! The advantage for the allies is historically and anyhow a great fun while playing. In 30 to 60 Minutes one game ends and there is almost always time for a revenge with switched sides. And additionally its a challenge and fun to try to win with the Axis in this scenario.
Zorz Good intro to the game and to the system!
*player99177 Très bon début
GMan20 This first scenario proves why Memoir '44 is such a great game - nice to look at, easy to learn, quick to play, yet challenging and different every time. True, this scenario is slanted toward Allies, but trying to find an Axis strategy for victory is cool.
billpurpy Exactly what it is supposed to represent, the beginnings of the Allied invasion and a first class scenario beginning Mem '44
Chatbus Tres bonne partie d'initiation, simple et efficace.
bcubed Tough for the Axis player, but a great introduction.
CrazyEnigma Great way to start learning the game. Only infantry helps to concentrate on certain rules of engagement.
*player62005 Good introduction to the mechanics.
*player55913 This was the first scenario I played, 4 times with my sons, both as Allied and Axis. Each game was quite different, employing different tactics and getting quite different results. At first you think the Allies are bound to win, but not so! In all, an excellent introduction to the game.
*player53111 Excellent intro map and well-balanced
*player42712 Very nice scenario that captures the difficulty of launching an offence against a fortified defender. Great introduction to the game!
passif Good introduction to the game, nice way to learn it.
*player38599 Une partie simple, mais idéale pour commencer à apprendre les regle
*player33299 tres bonne initiation
vdal1812 Great way to learn the rules. Very tricky to play the Germans. Quick enought to play the game with one side and then switch.
*player31979 A very good senario, plenty of room for both sides to make plenty of mistakes!
TonyJF Excellent way to get into this great game. After setting up the board for the first time, I figured there's NO WAY the Germans could ever win this scenario. WRONG!
*player31296 There is a lot of room here for the Axis to steal victory from a lazy Ally player.
martyparty Nice starting scenario. First view you think, piece of cake for the allies. NOT!
*player27562 J'ai put rentrer vivement dans le sujet avec ce 1er scénario. Il apporte une complexité moyenne (que des infanteries, que des sacs de sables & barbelés, les villes sont hors jeu) mais montre tout l'attrait du dilemne dans le choix des zones à combattre.
claes Perfect scenario to get into the game. As both sides only have infantry units it is easy for a new Memoir player to understand the rules and gameplay. Also interesting as you can utilize different tactics and approaches for both sides.
Rolld6 Good starting scenario. I loved nested combination of wire and sandbags before the Pegasus bridge. Very tough to plow through for the allies. Lots of fun!
*player24973 il est super mais un peut long quand c'est la premières fois quon joue
sigehere Excellent intro - we had great fun on this one! (axis lost, though - bloomin' airstrike took out 8 men!)
*player23633 Great introduction to the game
MMOfan Our first game and the allies won 4 against 3. Only because the Air Power Card was played by the allied player and his air force took 2 units out. If he hadn't pulled this very good card, the Germans would have won. The dug in card for the Germans in the middle of the game was crucial. Very good introduction. Well thought over. Not too many terrain or special rules. Had it playing within 30 minutes after opening the box. Game lasted 40 minutes. Reread the rules afterward, not a single wrong move. Outstanding. There are family games with a longer learning curve.
*player23171 Bien pour débuter, semble en faveur des alliés (notamment à cause des ponts)
*player23019 Loved it! Played myself doing blind draws from the hands. Recomend you try that. Gives new perspective to comand n control. Random Orders. That is the way they really do it anyway right? Up to you in the trench to make the best of a FUBAR order, right?
*player22959 Excellent scenario si on le réserve aux initiations.
*player22446 Nice appetizer!!
edralla Great intro scenario. Played this one three times ... very balanced each time. The Allies won 2 of 3, but the Axis was in it every time.
*player21976 Very good intro to the game,
*player21891 Very even playing feild for both Axis and Allies, good odds for both sides here.
*player21790 This was the first scenario my friend and I played. I won the first game as the allies, and then won as the Germans. Both games were 4 to 3. Card play was pretty balanced. Good introductory scenario.
Brummbar Excellent intro scenario!
*player16855 Good intro scenario, where both sides teach very different things about the game.
*player16815 Très bon scénario d'initiation. Avec un avantage pour les Américains qui peuvent prendre rapidement le pont sur l'Orne rapidement. Dans l'ensemble, ca respecte l'effet de surprise de cette attaque de nuit à l'époque.
Tri0pticon I played this numerous times with my son but recently played it the first time against an adult. It was a lot of fun!
fred25 Idéal pour débuter
1CC Stan J'aime beaucoup ce scénario que j'utilise presque exclusivement pour mes démonstrations, jouant chaque fois l'axe. Je dois dire que je le gagne régulièrement face à des alliés dépités de se voir ainsi repousser !
swinkelp Very well written as an introductory scenario.
Larac Very Good start to the game, I notice some folks saying it is not balanced, I have to disagree. I have won this one 4 times, 2 on each side. It teaches the game well. The games were 4-3, 4-2, 4-3, 4-3 All very close, if anything I would add to remove the Tank and arty special cards for the first run in teaching, nothing worse than a fier all arty in and game you have none.
zack_mondo Bon scénario pour débuter l'apprentissage des règles. La stratégie est plus variable que le scénario le laisse paraître.
shannona Very well written as an introductory scenario.
fluffy1 OK, but almost boring unless you're teaching a new player.
BagrationM Bon scénario d'initiation, mais, à part pour cela, il n'est pas excellent. Les Alliés sont fortement avantagés et deviennent quasiment imbattable s'ils jouent correctement leurs atouts. C'est pour cela qu'il est déplaisant à jouer pour l'Axe, à niveau égal.
HongKongHermit This is a good introductory scenario, BUT only for an experienced player letting the novice take the allies. Even playing it from both sides, I wouldn't want my first experience of this game to be playing as the axis in a scenario they are set up to lose in. For a better challenge, add one extra unit of Germans dug in on the SE hex next to the Orne bridge. That flank is currently unwinnable for the axis, at least making it painful to grab the 3 medals there would be a start.
*player1730771 Great intromap (only infantery, slight use of obastacles) but VERY unbalanced. Would work better with 2 allied units less.
*player666203 Fun and interesting scenario with tactical scope for both players. Good intro although you need to consider tactics very early on. I would pick a simple balanced scenario for new players.
private G
The MarshalUK Great way to introduce new folks to memoir
pedcheung Imbalanced
Steelie Tough for Axis, Allied player gets good surprise advantage.
Tom_Quatorze Très bon scénario d'introduction mais je doute que je referais ce scénario.
*player436972 Good for new players, but Axis ever lose with Allied. J play two time Axis lose 4:2
David35 Idéal pour s'initier
*player401209 Bon pour apprentissage, mais défaite cuisante pourrait diminuer la motivation (ie donnez les alliés à votre blonde si vous voulez continuer de jouer avec elle...)
Yokohama Baystar Simple scenario for learning the basic rules. Unfortunately Germans have limited options, but adding road tiles between the bridges does help. Remove Air Power, Barrage, Artillery Bombard, and Armor Assault cards for best play.
Biker1999 Allies strongly favored but a decent introductory scenario.
berber scénario bien réalisé mais tro simplé dommage... ps; pensé a changé l'étang grace o pack terain pr ce kil lon
theophane parfait pour débuter mais lassant si on veut le refaire
La Cigogne Scénario permettant une bonne prise en main des règles de base, en restant très ludique, malgré le peu de diversités de troupes.
DickStiglitz medium
*player298806 un bon tutoriel mais un peu ennuyant car il n'y a que des infanteries.
*player295870 Very good intro. I wish that there had been some tanks and artillery and hedges, so beginers could learn about everything in the game.
Paschalawag Good intro.
*player286422 Simple et sympa
aaronsibley Good Learning Scenario
Galatrox Good start, that uncovers lacks of explanation in the rules.
*player265861 Not the best. but is possible to Axis win !
*player256678 good introduction
Cunki This scenario is right to learn the game mechanics very easy and fast!
Morvran-Fr Sympa pour commencer. Mais les allemands étaient moins nombreux dans la réalité à défendre Pégasus Bridge.
*player245777 Difficile de dégager ses unités de la mer mais c'est une obligation. Beau scénario toutefois
jpat Good tutorial and warm-up. Good for luring new players in with a relatively easy Allied win. The revised version appears marginally more balanced, but it's still a tough row to hoe for the Axis (which is fine by me). I like the addition of night rules especially.
Philoo Facile, pour débuter.
*player223848 Good introductory scenario but, I probably won't play it with people who already know how to play.
*player220935 Our first game. I was Allies winning easy 4:0, but Axis friend was angry, saying that it's stupid to be that much unballanced.
aerodynamics A good introduction to the game system. Fast playing and only Infantry units to deal with.
ColtsFan77 Nice, simple intro to the game. Easy to explain just the infantry units to new players with no special units or non-infantry units.
BogenBlitz I lost as the allied player the first go around, so I guess I don't understand the "allies can't lose" ratings that abound here.
*player186795 Worked very well as an intro scenario, but could do with some options to balance it once both players know the ropes.
*player185175 Pour ma part, je trouve que ce scénario est très fidèle à l'histoire mais par contre il est évident que les Alliés (Brittaniques) gagnent.
Jayne Starlancer Having to explain Bridges, Wire, Sandbags, Rivers, and the funny rules for the Lake make this, in my opinion, not the best scenario to teach players with, contrary to the instructions booklet. Still an interesting scenario though.
*player174349 Nice, simple scenario that works well to introduce players to the game. Give the new player the Allies, since the scenario favors them.
Keldar Sympa pour commencer, mais il ne laisse pas énormément de stratégies différentes
BonAmi37 Parfait pour débuter, les règles sont à leur plus simple expression
Drax Kramer Nice introductory scenario, but little more.
banzai this scenario favours the brits big time. you may think this sucks? NO i say.. it's the best scenario to get a newbie going. give them the brits and have a real fight on your hands as the gerry. a good scenario for this reason.
Gwellmyn Good way to learn the game. Feels a bit hard to win when playing Axis.
Payne Balanced introduction to the game.
willieb German player stuck without a lot of options but can be aggressive under some circumstances.
Monsieur B Bonne entrée en matière : ce scénario est une excellente approche de M44, pour la simple raison qu'il propose d'emblée une configuration où les Alliés ont à gérer leurs unités sur deux points d'opérations : le pont de l'Orne et Pegasus Bridge. Vraiment bien, et pas si facile que ça.
CrazyYog Ok, as a starter scenario to get your feet wet, but not very exciting.
Martie Good prelude to next scenarios
robd0gg I think this scenario is better then people give it credit for. You have to really think when playing Axis. Should I decide to try and hold BOTH bridges at all costs? or should I try and take one unit on the far bridge, and concentrate the rest of my actions on the bridge near the town. Also, Axis must try and avoid being clumped together otherwise the dreaded Air Power card will really hurt. The last time I played Allied, I waited till the Axis player had four units in a clump, then hit him with Air Power and took out six infantry. Deadly!
*player74296 Avec deux bonnes cartes pour débuter la partie, les allemands peuvent résister; sinon la partie est rapidement terminée.
player71794 The right and exciting introductive scenario: it shows some important strategic concepts of the game.
*player59717 Parfait pour débuter!! En faveur des Alliés étant donné la réalité historique.
*player57526 Nice scenario, simple but challenging!
*player47911 nice to teach the game, pro-Allies if played well.
*player44234 Ce scénario est simple et rapide. Très bien pour apprendre les règles. Un scénario plus équilibré aurait été plus judicieux pour des débutants.
*player43105 Scénario un peu simple ? Mais pour initiation, c'est ok...
*player42504 Excellent for intro new player . Either side can win.
*player41840 Very good opening scenario, The next two scenarios get even better. Although favored allies I have been on the losing allies side.
*player38538 Good introduction for beginners.
*player33767 Excellent pour l'initiation mais de faible valeur stratégique. En effet, l'axe à une très faible marche de manoeuvre et doit compter sur un tirage de dés et de cartes plus que favorable pour vaincre. La défense et le maintien du sac de sable (et des bonus de protection qu'il octroie) près de Pegasus Bridge est primordial pour l'axe. Le nombre d'unités alliés et la faible résistance au pont de l'Orne font très souvent la différence. En conclusion; c'est un scénario fidèle (trop ?) au contexte historique.
*player33749 Good intro to the system
*player32679 First time playing the game - Good intro scenario with only needing to worry about a handful of rules. Further play may prove me wrong, but it seems like the scenario really only involves a handful of the units.
*player31590 Good introductory scenario. May change the rating after a few more plays. Bring on the Armour!
*player31073 Decent, nice intro... but Axis always seem to get romped.
*player29895 Good starting scenario. Gets you into the game quickly.
*player29762 I've played against my son (9 years) with simply rules. Good starting scenario.
Kruithuis Well you have to start the game somewhere. The allies have the momentum. But the Axis have a strong position. I don't give 3 stars to this scenario because sometimes the Axis don't have the cards to order any units. And it is pretty hard for the axis to win the battle.
*player28315 Très bonne approche pour un début de jeu
mrbb A little too tough for the Axis.
braines Great intro. Can the axis win?
*player26692 très bien pour débuter car seulement infanterie et rapide à jouer. Par contre dur pour les allemands.
*player26354 Great scenario to teach the game. Also good for general play because you can get a full round in very quickly.
chrisv Bonne entrée en matière. Scénario assez simple mais pour autant très formateur.
*player26269 bon scénar pour debuter
ike83 Permet de bien débuter.
SeattleGamer A great opening scenario! Had the game set-up and the rules reviewed in 10 minutes. Played it twice, switching sides for the second game. Each game took maybe 30 minutes, tops. The scenario heavily favors the allies - I'd sure like to know (beyond luck of the draw) how the axis can pull off a win with this one. The allies won 4-2 and 4-1. The "river" bridge falls quickly and with little resistance, and axis casualties account for the rest. Still, a great foray into a fun new game! Looking forward to the next scenario.
dkearns A fairly interesting scenario spoiled by axis short hand.
*player24178 Good intro, but neglible tactics especially for axis.
ANBT Tres bien pour commencer.
chuman Good intro to the game.
Timmer2 Nice intro to the game system. Germans can win with a little well timed agressiveness.
Albireo Good intro scenario, worth playing a few timew. But the bias is all in favour of the British player. Not impossible for the Axis to win, but just plain hard. Historically "accurate" I would think.
*player21915 As most people have said, this is a good intro scenario, slightly favoring the Allies, but very possible for the axis to win. Teaches all the basic rules very easily. We played this straight out of the box within a half hour, including set-up and rule reading.
Spelgroep Phoenix good intro scenario, allies in favour here, but still defeatable
*player21863 a rejouer je pense avec des uniteés speciales anglaises comme c'etais le cas ce jours la...
Gengisjon Tough on the Axis but interesting battle.
*player21361 I played tested this scenario by myself. Good intro to the game system.
carl15 Good teaching scenario in that it heavily favors the allies. The experienced player as the Axis can enjoy putting up a good fight, but is unlikely to win against a competent Ally player.
dindon76 Bonne entrée en la matière pour apprendre ce jeu.
Louis Metoyer
*player20576 Excellent introductory scenario. More balanced than it seems. I remove the airpower card since that action took place at night.
*player17463 I'll echo the comment made earlier - this is a very well-written introductory scenario without too many exterraneous rules to worry about (although during the first couple of game we played, we still forgot about a few salient points- D'oh). Yes, I'll concede that the scenario does favour the allies, but that was what the original battle was like on the day itself. Having said that, the five games we've played of this back-to-back we all very evenly matched with only a single Victory Medal the difference between either side at the end of each battle. Careful use of cards and units by the Axis player can cause enough elimination of units to give the Allied side serious problems, particularly if a dynamic counter-attacking defense of Pegasus Bridge is utilised. I played the Axis forces twice and won both times by one Victory Medal, so it is possible to win playing the Axis in this scenario.
kezemans Good to come in the mechanics of the game
DjihEf Excellent introduction! What else needs to be said about it?
LotusArdent Tres bonne équilibre pour un scénario d'initiation! Le joueur aborde la gestion de la défense (Axes), et également la gestion de commando "obligé" d'avancer (Alliés).
msaari Small and pretty simple, but works well as an intro scenario.
Chaplain Shafer
rochs77 A little unbalanced for the Germans, but that is why this game is so much fun. A two star rating because you might not want to intro a player to this game giving them the Germans in this scenario. Otherwise, is good for an experienced player to take Germans while the newbie plays the Brits.
gamov Not very balanced
grimsmirk Might be better for less experienced gamers as an introduction, but a bit too simple for long-time gamers.
*player258287 il n'est pas marrant infanterie contre infanterie c'est pas marrant. et en plus il est trop simple.
lefive bien pour commencer mais pas tres marrant
Eccu-FIN Well....
Sammail To differ from the crowd, I found this scenario bland and unbalanced. Yes, both sides can win. Yes, it's a good teaching scenario, especially since you can "hook" the new player by letting him start as the Allies. But still... I would even have preferred a simple one-on-one on an empty field.
JFKoski Unbalanced. No chance for Axis.
*player137539 An all-right introduction, but it makes the game look bad. I think i'm just going to skip to battle 3, the first beach battle.
*player127943 Good as a beginner scenario, but once played for the first time it is far inferior to the rest
*player109074 to unbalnaced for an into scenario. It is good to introduce the basic rules of the game though.
yaron Completely unbalanced, not very interesting.
sahenshaw Axis really have no shot of winning this scenario, but it is a good introductory battle, as long as both sides know it is unbalanced.
*player84127 trop basique
Suzeeque Nice simple introduction but too one-sided in favour of the Allies. German's left flank is easy pickings, giving 3 medals quite comfortably (including Orne Bridge). Then you can swing around to the east of the pond and attack Pegasus Bridge for the final medal.
hajott59 no chance to win for the axis-player, all games won by the allied-player. not really balanced, maybe historical correct. But o.k.for the beginners-szenario.
*player54509 avec des chars cela serai parfait
gSTEWART All scenarios are great, but these early ones are just good simple intros with only 4 medals; limited reply value....
*player23485 I think the Allies have a very large advantage in this one. The only way the Allies can lose is if they get too aggressive or the Axis rolls incedibly well. Probably historically accurate but not overly fun. Good for intro purposes only.
*player20974 Okay as an introduction to the game, but very frustrating for the German player.
bitterboy I believe this scenario heavily favors the allies which may be historically accurate but doesn't make for a great game. It would be nice if you could include optional balncing factors for each side with the scenarios such as additional units, reinforcements, additonal fortifications, etc.
Jimzik Good starting scenario to learn the game but the Axis doesn't stand much of a chance. The Allies won the 6 times we played it, the closest was 4-3.
jcarvin Very simple senario and overwhelmingly in the favor of the allies. Good intro game though
Fluff Daddy Way out of balance... almost impossible for the Axis.
Xavo Un scénario pour débuté qui a faillit me dégouter du jeu. Le combat infanterie-infanterie est vraiment trop pauvre pour être passionant. La valeur de Mémoire 44 apparait avec la variété des armes.