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sbchurchill Bon scenario, plutôt équilibré. Pas si facile pour les forces alliées d'aller déloger les positions allemands, bien protégées.
J and T Nice scenario! Tip for the germans: hold the allies in the flanks. As allie, you better attack in the middle and on a flank.
BOMBEROS bon scenario
leclerc super defi pour les forces de l'axe trés dificile...
Till The impassable mountains makes the scenario very interesting!!! The hills protect the axis against the artillery, at some places the hills are very close to each other so that there is an interesting fight! The axis must move first on the flanks and concantrate the allies on them, so that the units in the middle can occuppy Saverne. All in all it is maybe the best map in basic game because it is well belanced and you need skill to win!!!
Sir Deivis
MajorOracle Interesting challenge presented by the impassable hills.
Winter Storm
revont Very difficult for Allies
lolle1 super Senario
Morvran-Fr Bon scénario, trés intéressant sur le plan tactique : Le nombre avantage les alliés. Le terrain avantage les allemands.
player249766 The impassable mountains create three corridors that make for a very interesting scenario. I won once as the Axis and lost once as the Allies, but both games were close.
goat2452 one of my favorites. i like the creative map.
ambiorix Very good scenario!
agent orange Excellent scénario qui peut induire, contrairement à ce qu'il parait, de nombreuses stratégies différentes.
JFKoski I like this one.
Drax Kramer Terrain features nicely separate individual flanks giving Germans a chance to win despite having smaller hand. The fighting is tense until the very end.
tonylhf A very balance map, one of the best map in the official scenario. We've played 4 times. 50/50 for Axis & Allies. Axis has to act according to Allies move. And Axis have to wait. And retreating will hurt Axis a lot. The towns which are in the front and left/right flanks are so important. The game will change dramatically if the left/right flank got killed
GMan20 Outstanding scenario in all aspects: interesting terrain, strategic choices, balance. Looking forward to additional plays.
player85126 man it is all skill
Deano A very interesting scenario and more balanced than it first appears. Germans have to be patient and use their terrain advantages.
LimDul Good scenario
goverby May be the best scenario in the original set. Generally plays right down to the wire, with action all over the map.
gSTEWART Interesting terrain divides it in 3; read hist notes (hint)
--JP One of my favorite scenarios from the base set. Almost like 3 mini battles.
mrbb I concur with the comments so far - this one is lots of fun and the balance does depend heavily on card draw, but we ended up with victories on both sides. I was able to get a 5-0 Axis win!!
vaticide This is a great scenario, however it somewhat amplifies the issues of command cards. Since you can't easily shift between the flanks as with other scenarios you can't easily control your hand and will have problems with command cards.
MMOfan Better balance then I first thought. By the time players get to this scenario, they know the game system. So a lot of maneuvring before the assaults take place, those assault are channeled by the impassable mountains. And the German artillery can indeed move to the main attack sector. Those who say that MM44 is pure luck and dice should play this scenario first !
jerrytel Plenty to keep both sides thinking - the allies can't just rush forward; a smart German general will use the terrain to trap any such advancement.
skiprydell Interesting scenario, particularly given the terrain. Does depend a lot on decent card draws.
mikepett22 very good tac map.
Calypso13 Il faut etre fort coté Allemands pour gagner ce scénario.
msaari The best scenario I've tried. Playing Germans here is very interesting task. It's not as hard as it might seem, as the terrain limits the Allied actions severely.
clint scénario sympa à jouer du fait des collines infranchissables (les 3 flancs sont séparés) mais je trouve qu'il est plus dur pour les alliés qui sont coincés par les collines
Le roi poussiere Je pensais que ce scénario était plus équitable que çà compte tenu des stats, on est vite à court de cartes avec les Allemands.
Musashi1973 Nice Scenario. It took longer to set up then to play but it was even and fun.
TexasToast Allied manpower advantage also provides a lot of cannon fodder for the Germans. Options are somewhat limited by the mountain barriers.
Chaplain Shafer
eagle ce sénario est un peut injuste pour les allemands qui ont toutes les chances de perdre mais il est intéressant stratégiquement