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Angelu Scénario ludique grâce au parachutage. Très rapide (en 4 médailles) mais n'exclu pas la dimension stratégique (sauf lorsque les cartes peu nombreuses ne sont vraiment pas adaptées aux sections occupées).
HongKongHermit The true introductory scenario. The airdrop is fun, and adds a nice amount of randomness to the setup.
Ltbabass Scénario original et ludique. Le joueur allemand pose une sérieuse option sur la victoire s'il utilise habilement son unité de chars.
Senkyrik I really like this map. I use it as an introduction map to the game instead of pegasus bridge, where the germans don't have a chance to win. This map is fun. Usually germans won't win if they aren't able to move their tank out quickly. The paradrop is fun.
the_ka The airdrop rulezzz
*player431768 Le parachutage permet sauver les alliés de la pression allemande sur les deux flancs. Bon scénario pour évoluer
*player401209 parachutage: génial
suvix The para drop adds some extra spice to this scenario.
rasmussen81 Fun battle with great air drop rule!
Queripel Liked this scenario, is very re-playable due to para drop
Mumbly3 Meme si les unités ne sont pas très variés, l'idée du parachutage est super! Excellent pour les débutants
La Cigogne L'idée du parachutage au début me rappelle une vieille partie de figurines WWII. Mais au lieu de jeter les figurines (en plomb et peintes!), on laissait tomber des morceaux de papiers. Idée très ludique donc, et l'arrivée des chars et du bocage est bienvenue.
*player289340 This was a fun scenario. Though some have rated it "dull", there is more here than meets the eye at first glance. True enough the allied first move gives them a slight edge...and the paradrop's effectiveness will cast a shadow on the rest of play. But, numerically, the Germans, even with the paradrop 100% accurate, have a complete armor unit, where the allies only have infantry. If the paradrop fails by perhaps 2 units, that gives the Germans 2 extra units. The allies must take the initiative, and take key defensive terrain quickly, before the germans can develop their flanks, and enter the woods. To those who complain that St. Mare Eglise is a total wipeout for the allies, sure. That's the point of their para operation, complete surprise, and most times, they will achieve it. I suspect a lot of german players when first starting to learn this game, will get bogged down on the right, trying to take the sandbagged hill position. Best to avoid it, and run for the towns, and woods, and dig in, instead. If the germans can gain the woods, they can use it's cover to their advantage, with an extended firefight on either flank, with the tank firepower a great advantage at range.
Eryc le Rouge Bonne gradation de difficulté pour commencer à maîtriser les caratéristiques des différents terrains et la force des blindés lorsque la cible est à découvert. Le parachutage est intéressant.
player269324 Very good scenario... para drop was a smashing success for my wife, but it still came down to the end. I just barely edged her out. Great second game.
*player268064 Fun scenario because it plays differently depending on where the paratroopers land.
*player263004 J'adore le coup du parachutage !! sinon bon scenario simple pour debuter avec les regles d u jeu
bigmal40 Interesting Para drop.Geographical objectives could be reflected in Victory conditions.
deadroof J'ai bien aimé le parachutage du début.
asegiet We enjoy Para drop and this scenario.
jpat The physical airdrop would push this one up a notch anyway, but it's a pretty good mostly-infantry battle.
Philoo Le parachutage, c'est vraiment une bonne idée.
NimitsTexan Probably one of the most enjoyable scenarios
ColtsFan77 I have heard "how stupid" the paradrop idea is but we love it! It really is a fun way to bring in troops and see the real-life implications of such drops. Really a novel concept.
Sgt Wilson Good scenario. Para drop gives it an extra edge.
Michel36 Super idée pour le parachutage.
Jayne Starlancer I prefer this scenario to "Pegasus Bridge" because the terrain is more interesting and Armor is introduced with only one unit to worry about (if you play the Axis, then the player that is learning can just watch you use the Armor). The air drop is also interesting, even though it has the potential to give the Allies a very big advantage.
*player182824 Fun scenario,excelent, I have made disasterus para drop, lost two figs, Axis crushed me, even Axis group in centar was standing at the end, both sides can win, especialy Axis if Allies have bad drops. Second game I win.
Crumb My (allied) wife lost just one parachut. But i had rolled better dice results. So the Axis won. A funny idea with the airdrop. Allied:3 Axis:4
Sammail Played this one solo and it was a blast, especially after the bland introductory scenario. Interesting setup, the airdrop was a very nice touch, and the whole game was a nailbiter to the end - even though I soloed it! Nice work.
rudy242 Splendid Rules for Airdrop
Brycie35 Good intro scenario with added interest of the Paratroop drop!
*player154264 Le coup du parachutage est très bien trouvé. Encore un bon scénario!
Aristos Very good intruductory scenario. Fun addition of air-drop adds a luck factor and can benefit Allies victory if succesful. Nevertheless fairly balanced and fun.
Wrinkledlight Axis have the greatest advantage if they remain in a defensive posture, taking to the forests, hedgerows and towns. This will force the Allies to come after the Axis in order to take any units out. Once the Allies do this they are sitting ducks to be plucked off.
leonnez This was my second game so far even though I've had the game for several months now. I played opposite myself so I can find any other players in Arizona, but I really enjoyed this scenario, even though the Allies took over the town with only two units left with five enemy units left in other sections. I imagined they could eventually have lost the city if the enemy had enough time and been able to reach the town.
Evil_X I love this one, there should have been more scenarios with paratroopers in the box. Again axis are outnumbered with i small command hand but with sustained fire on either side of the flanks the axis forces have a good chance of winning. I suspect this will scenario will be somewhat different to play when the center axis unit occupies a church with the new rules.
HitchKennedy If the Allies can concentrate against one of the German wings, their chances are excellent. If the Germans can unit their forces, their chances for victory improve greatly. They definitely want to get their panzers into action as soon as possible.
billpurpy The airdrop makes an average scenario great.
*player87746 Tight battle throughout, ending in a 4-3 for the Allies by way of a solitary figure scoring two hits on a two-step tank unit. My second scenario played and so far very impressed with the quality of the game, good introduction to using armor.
*player84127 c'est génial avec le début des chars...
Sonjaaa The airdrop is a lot of fun!
Yollege Gotta love the Paratroopers :).
*player59717 Scénario beaucoup plus intéressant que le premier! Les blindés et de nouveaux types de terrains et le parachutage ajoutent une nouvelle dimension au jeu!
*player55913 A cliffhanger all the way
*player54509 j 'adore le parachutage
LIbertyToad Fun setup. The paradrop is a blast. My wife dropped them and all landed okay so I (Axis) was worried. The Axis started out okay but was unable to move the tanks for about 3 turns and ended up losing. If you can get the tanks out and use them wisely they will make a big difference. Allies: 4, Axis: 2 (almost 3).
*player33749 Good battle. Allies want to keep the Axis bottled up, whilst the Axis need to advance to get more fire power to bear.
*player32116 Je trouve l'idée de parachuter des troupes très bonne, car ça rajoute du suspence dans le jeu !
clercon Great map. The paradrop was really funny and a great twist to already great game. My favorite one so far.
*player31979 When the Americans first set up you're thinking - 'oh dear!..we're going to get our arses kicked!' then out of the sky fall more of our chaps. "bring it on Jerry!" However, as the German commander it's "charrrge!".. Most enjoyable senario so far!
*player31296 The paradrop really is important. There isn't much cover on the Allies side of the board in the initial placement. If the Axis can get their left flank moving the Armor can be devastating. The lack of cover really forces the Allies to stick their neck out on the right flank. The Axis can acheive victory without even getting near the hill. Tough scenario for both sides.
*player31073 Close games are had on this map... if the Allies don't get a good airdrop and the Axis can group up around the forests it can swing either way.
*player28315 Très bonne idée de "parachuter" quatre sections d'infanterie.
Rolld6 We use the 'moving plane' drop method, moving our hand over the board. Too much fun!!!
*player25943 Très sympa le principe du parachutage. Agréable.
*player23633 The paratroopers are a great twist... and those panzers can pack a punch! I was lucky enough to take them out with an airstrike, but still managed to lose the battle. I'm beginning to think that its more than bad luck. =)
Albireo I liked this. Tanks to spice up an already tight scenario. Moving into the open is dangerous in this one. And the "bocage" will prove to be a pain to move into and out of. The paradrop is and old but bold wargaming scam, which makes each replay varied.
edralla Airdrop is the key but is no guarantee. Even when the Allies get all four additional units on the board and in good positions, the Axis still has a fighting chance. The Axis must get moving quickly though, and get the Armor out from behind the infantry bottleneck.
*player20576 More balanced that it appears. A lot depends on the paratroop drop.
Jimzik This is why the wargame purists hate this game (dropping figs from above the board) but what makes this game so much fun to the rest of us. What better way to SIMULATE paratroopers?
Woodsy77 Love the Drop
LotusArdent J'aime beaucoup le principe de parachuter des troupes, cela rajoute un coté "roleplay"
clint Bon scénario. Le parachutage est sympa mais peut faire basculer la partie avant même d'avoir commencé!
BagrationM Le scénario est intéressant. Si le joueur allié choisit bien la zone de largage de ses parachutistes (surtout pas au centre : il y a déjà bien assez d'unité sur cette section), en fonction de ses cartes (idéalement, la section gauche alliée semble la meilleure), et si les largages ne sont pas trop mauvais, il prend une belle option sur la victoire. Cependant, l'Allemand, s'il utilise bien ses blindés, mais aussi son infanterie, garde des chances appréciables, bien qu'inférieures à celles de son adversaire.
general7star Parachutage très utile...
*player467554 Gute Idee mit dem Fallschirm Sprung!!!!!
Tom_Quatorze Bon scénario, l'idée du parachutage au début de la partie est original.
Biker1999 Guess I'm not as big a fan of the paratroops drop as others. With the Axis armor trapped behind infantry units, their impact was minimal.
aaronsibley Good, Fun learning scenario.
Morvran-Fr Sympa comme partie et reflaite bien la réalité historique.
*player252264 Incite beaucoup trop à se planquer dans les bocages. Jeu beaucoup trop fermé, du moins dans mon cas. Les tanks sont potentiellement utiles, mais encore là il faut se planquer pour éviter leurs feux. Partie difficile psychologiquement. :) Mais bien équilibré grâce au parachutage. Bien trouvé.
Pluskat Paradrop is nice and adds to the tension of the game. Since only 4 medals are needed for a victory, a paradrop on the left allied flank might be the best option for a quick win. With the right cards you can pin down and override the Axis right flank and destroy the four units without having to take SME or having to worry about the German reservetroups.
aerodynamics A lot depends on the initial air drop, but there's no denying the fun of dropping those infantry figures and watching them scatter.
*player198412 Parachutages sympas, mais le scenario n'est pas tres interessant car les cartes font vraiment pencher la balance
Keldar Sympa, il est plus complet que le premier scénario et permet déjà plus de stratégies
Drax Kramer The only fun part is dropping your infantry figures from the air. Now, why you must eliminate both figures when they share a hex by a milimeter is beyond me, but that's the rules.
player133904 Très bon. Idée très originale et super ludique du parachutage. Permet de découvrir les difficultés du terrain et l'utilisation du tank. Malheureusement si le parachutage est effectué sur Neuville, quasi aucune chance pour les allemands; les 4 unités allemandes sont coincées, perdent des unités par impossibilité de retraite et la forêt empêche tout déplacement rapide. Si deux unités peuvent s'en sortir avec de la chance, alors la victoire peut être possible, mais avec déjà deux médailles de retard
yangtze Can be very frustrating for the Germans. Best to use the dice rolling method for the paradrop if you don't want to lose friends ;)
crmnlst Airdrop is a fun twist
GMan20 Fast and furious. Paratrooper drop is fun and adds different twist to each game. Good introductory scenario, but not as many interesting strategic options as others.
willieb A real free-for-all. Takes to long for the axis to break thier traffic jam.
Monsieur B
*player92660 VERY dependent on where the American paratroops land and how many survive.
Suzeeque Paradrop adds too much variability if playing a return engagement, so we play the same paradrop results for both engagements. If successful with a centre drop behind SME, then relatively easy to kill the lone German unit. If this happens quickly, Germans can be left with no centre units. If you also have a lot of centre cards, can be a real pain! Even fight, if paradrop doesn't give 4 extra units.
*player57526 Nice touch with paradrop, it might though be quite important for the outcome.
gSTEWART All scenarios are great, but these early ones are just good simple intros with only 4 medals; limited reply value.... allies usually win w/ 3-4 surviving air drop, FUN! Let beginners play the allies and they will win. or make the allies only choose 3 units and need 5 medals.
*player44234 Scénario difficile pour les allemands. Ces derniers ont peu de liberté de mouvement. Leurs chars sont coincés derrière leur infanterie. Le parachutage des alliés rend la situation de l'unité allemande de Sainte-Mère l'Eglise très difficile. Bon scénario pour l'apprentissage de l'utilisation des terrains et des blindés.
*player36005 Somewhat dull, tough for Germans
*player33767 Je trouve également très originale et sympathique l'idée du parachutage. Celà dit, le scénario en devient presque aléatoire (entre 1 et 4 unités de plus, c'est pas négligeable) surtout pour les allemands. Cà reste un bon scénario pour appréhender lignes de mires et blindés.
martyparty Paradrop is nice, have to plan you drop carefully. And hop for a lot of actions in the 'right' section
*player27562 Comme tout le monde j'ai trouvé le parachutage sympa. Ce scénario fait découvrir l'utilisation des tanks (difficile à faire sortir au début). La grande quantité de forêt et l'apparition des villes permet une bonne introduction pour le joueur sur l'art d'utiliser le terrain.
Skorzeny Intéressante manière de rajouter des troupes, dommage que c'est en début de partie.
*player26685 Never got the hang of the airdrop but a scenary that can tilt if you don't beware of the flanks.
SeattleGamer Enjoyable second scenario. Not as unbalanced as the first toward the allies, but not a 50/50 shot for the axis either. Paratroop drop rules were simple and fun, though much of the scenario balance is determined by how successful the allies are with this opening move.
*player24178 Much better as a scenario than the first. The sides were quite evenly matched in our games even though both games we played were won by allies.
Luthien3 It's an interesting scenario, though there should be a clause in the victory conditions that if the allies hold the village of "Sainte Mere-Eglise" for 4 turns that the Allies win. I played the allies, dug in and the Axis didn't attack much. Took FOREVER to finish.
MMOfan Paradrop can shift the game too much. Four extra units for the Allied will unbalance the game. Pity.
Timmer2 Challenging to get the Germans in position. The air drop can be devasting to the lone German Unit in the center of town.
*player22033 The traffic jam of German units in the corners makes it imperative to get on the move immediately. Otherwise airstrikes/barrages can decimate forces that have no way to retreat.
*player21862 j'ai fait mes propres regles de parachutages avec une combinaison de dés a 6 faces et les dés speciaux de M44.
BloodyBucket I thought I would hate the paradrop rule, but it is a lot of fun. A good fight, the US side must counterattack to stay in the game.
DjihEf Interesting scenario with cool paradropping idea.
BostonUSA Decent scenario, played twice both times the air drop surrounded the ONLY Axis center position and decimated them. First game Allies' great roles and air support cleared the Axis out. Seconed time was very close with Allies only squeaking out a win.
msaari Paratroopers are great fun.
Fluff Daddy OK scenario - the paratroop drop is fun.
Chaplain Shafer
shannona Paratrooper rules innovative, but a bit unclear; can badly offbalance the scenario one way or another depending on how many land. Otherwise, a fine second scenario.
*player314433 Idée Parachutage sympa mais je trouve ce scénario déséquilibré en faveur des alliés. Il laisse peu de chance aux Allemands : peut être faut il parachuter moins d'unité !
JFKoski Don't really care for this one. Might be better with Night Attack rules, too.
Taikuri Paradrop is indeed nice touch, but lack of victory point hexes make scenario dull.
mrbb The parachute drop is fun and adds a little variety to the game, but not a scenario to be taken seriously.
dkearns So lopsided against axis it isn't even funny. Free medal for allies in center of board, axis loses an area to play cards. Axis short on cards, severly outnumbered and moves second. The worst aspect is that Allies start with defensible positions and command of the board while Axis is trapped by terrain and has few if any options. Terrible.
Sgt Welsh scénario peu fidèle historiquement. Que font des chars dans ce scénario? Pourquoi les paras ne sont-ils pas d'élite? Pourquoi quatre médailles seulement? Carte à revoir pour coller à la réalité de 1944.