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Some common notations
Tracking information correctly is one of the key to being a successfull investigative monk. It matters somewhat less to more foolhardy/lucky players, but for those analytical souls out there, here are a few hints worth exploring:

On your suspect sheet, mark monks you have seen with your eyes differently than those you know others have seen. For instance, systematically use marks in the upper corners of a suspect illustration to keep tracks of monks you have visually seen the card off. And the lower corners for those you have been told have been seen, but which you haven't seen for yourself.

Likewise, use the other players initial(s) to keep track of the source of a card or info. So if Alan gave you Father Sergio, put an A in the upper corner of Father Sergio's box.

Likewise, keep track of cards you receive and pass out during a Mass, using a prefix such as M1, M2, ... depending on the Mass they have been seen at.
22.05.2003 von eric
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