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Rule #2 - ask questions.
Don't be fooled: looking at many cards (stealing, using Parlatorium, etc.) is very useful, but also slow and unsure (after you have seen the majority of cards, you'll start to se again those you already know, wasting time and actions). Asking questions is the fastest way to collect precious information, so don't be afraid: even if this leads the other player in the strongest position (see Rule #1) it is still worth the effort.
Obviously, to maximize the effect, you should try to ask "clever" questions. What's clever? A question giving more information to you than to the others.
-) "Do you have Father Bruno?" isn't clever: it gives the same advantage to all players;
-) "How many Templar Novices do you have?" may be clever, in fact if you have two of them and the answer is "one" you know which one, while other players have only an imperfect information (note that the interrogated player could be so wise to ask "and you?" ruining the effect; that's one of the reason of Rule #1)
-) "How many Brothers (of the same order of the card I've just given to you) do you have eliminated from your suspect sheet?" is clever (but of course can be used only in particular circumstances: after Mass, after suffering a theft due to Cell or Confessional, etc.).
13.11.2003 von Luke the Flaming
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Well, as for your third point, I found this post on www.boardgamegeek.com:

"I talked to Bruno at a convention right after the game
came out about questions like that. He said that players are not required to remember the history of how each card
got into thier hand and it is alloed to answer any such question with "I don't rememebr what card(s) you passed me"
and as he didn't take a vow of silence, he gets to ask
you a question, even though you got nothing. So don't
ask such questions."
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