Das Geheimnis der Abtei


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Rule #3 - answer questions.
You can ask an unstoppable question as reward for answering; besides if you refuse to answer you'll probably been asked that question again when someone is interrogated by you and get to ask the unstoppable question (and it's a BAD idea not interrogating anyone for the rest of the game). There are two exceptions: you know who is the assassin and you're just running to Capitulum OR you have passed a certain card during Mass (or because of a theft). Example: if you've all the three Templar Novices it could be good to deny the answer to "How many Templar Novices do you have?", but try to get rid of at least one of them (during Mass at last) to be able to answer the question if it is asked again to you.
13.11.2003 von Luke the Flaming
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