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Bruno Faidutti by Bruno Faidutti: www.faidutti.com

Fourty-two year old Bruno Faidutti is a multi-facetted intellectual, vaguely historian and partially economist, who spends a lot of time in Avignon, and a little in Paris, where he has ammassed a collection of several thousand board and card games.

An avid bookreader, Bruno came to the world of gaming through role-playing games and chess. Chess being decidedly too sad a world to linger in, he quickly dropped them when discovering funnier things in life. Role-playing games, especially live-action ones, were fun indeed, but too time-consuming. That left board and card games, both of whom he plays frequently, for Bruno remains a player first and foremost.

The games he has designed, many of them card games, often offer a healthy dose of bluff and interaction.


Chess player and fan of "traditional" board games such as Dune, Kings & Things or Full Métal Planète, the game designer career of Serge Laget started in 1981 with the Golden Pawn award from Jeux & Stratégies for his game, "Le Gang des Tractions-avant". This game was published by International Team, and then by Schmidt.

After of few years of inactivity, Serge came back under the spotlights thanks to "Murder at the Abbey", re-published today by Days of Wonder as "Mystery of the Abbey". Then followed other games signed with other publishers: "Castel" (also co-designed with his old friend, Bruno) and "Mare Nostrum".

In his designs as well as in the games he plays, Serge always pays a lot of attention to the theme and to interactions that build between players.