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The Multisim edition

In February of 2002, during our searches for the author of Gang of Four, one site regularly kept coming up in all our Google enquiries: the fabulous web site of Bruno Faidutti at faidutti.free.fr. Part game library, part documentary and op ed piece on the world of gaming, the site hoards an endless mine of information.

In one of the site's numerous corners was a game for download, that Bruno widely held as his most cherished creation: the mysterious sounding Meurtre à l'Abbaye (Murder in the Abbey).

Created in collaboration with partner-in-crime Serge Laget in the mid-90s and described as his favorite, the game had been, in Bruno's own words "a good game published at the wrong time, in a wrong edition and by the wrong publisher. It deserved a second chance." This was enough to excite our own curiosity: we remembered seeing the flimsy, yet intriguing-looking, box on the shelves of a game retailer years ago, and it had now long gone out of print. A phone call and plane hop to Paris later, we had Bruno's prototype in our hands.

The Days of Wonder version

A fortnight and many Masses later, we had become converts. In May of 2003, the game, now renamed Mystery of the Abbey, shipped, in its first English and German edition, all decked out and entirely reillustrated to the full splendor it deserved. The game quickly went on to capture Mik Svellov's coveted Family Game of the Year award, and numerous magazine awards (Parent's Today Christmas of 2003 selection, Games Magazine's Games 100 nomination, etc.)

For a fascinating insight into Bruno's own Game design notes and the story behind the story, click here