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Your objective is to discover the miscreant who pushed Brother Adelmo off to his death at the bottom of the cliffs surrounding the Monastery.

To do so, you will in turn need to visit the Abbey's darkest recesses, grabbing some relics here, flipping the pages of some forbidden manuscripts there, attend Mass of course, and question your brethren in a shwred manner without attracting undue attention to your own deductions. A healthy dose of deduction, a sprinkle of intuition and an unshakable faith in higher powers will all be needed to unmask the culprit in time!

Each turn, your monk will move through one or two spaces in the monastery, running to the confessional to hear some heavy secrets, to the scriptorium to borrow some books and to the parlor to welcome some new visitors. Each time you encounter a fellow monk, you will have the opportunity to ask him ANY one question of your choice. Bound by their monastical duties, your fellow players will have to answer honestly... if they answer at all! They then get to ask you a question back in return. Of course, they can also always opt out and make vow of silence, in which case no information will be traded.

Throughout your deductions, you will keep track of your progress in your own personal diary. This indispensable tool will help you quickly narrow down the characteristics of the suspect, which you can then run and reveal to the Reverend abbot. Each correct revelation ("the suspect is a Franciscan", "he's a hooded fellow",...) will be worth 2 points each at the end of the game, while framing the culprit will bring you an additional 4 points, ending the game.

Through it all, do not forget to run to Mass according to the drastic monastic rules, or you will be sent to penance!

Included in the game box: The Pilgrim Chronicles mini-expansion

This small 12 card expansion includes new Scriptorium, Bibliotheca and Event cards that brings additional intrigue and fun to the Mystery of the Abbey boardgame.

New Scriptorium cards include:
Theological Controversy - enabling you to ask questions of all the monks in a room, rather than just one.
Liturgy of the Hours - during Mass YOU get to decide in which order and to whom cards get passed;

Additional Scriptorium cards include: Acts of the Holy Apostles, Impure Illuminations and Blasphemous Treatise.
New Event cards include:
Tempus Fugit!, which increases the pace of the game allowing players to move 3 steps with only 3 turns in between each Mass;
A New Corpse and Another New Corpse - both add additional bodies to the game
Tentative Escape - gives a chance to the culprit to escape from the Abbey and end the game prematurely;

Additional Event cards include: Catechism and Spring Fair.

A new Bibliotheca card - Calumnious Denunciation allows you to secretly write down the name of a suspect of your choosing and if another player laters accuses your suspect of being the culprit, but he proves to be innocent you will immediately score 4 points.

The cards are simply shuffled into their respective draw piles before the start of the game.