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Games Magazine - 'Games 100' 2004

Today's Parents - 'Top Toy Guide' 2003

2003 Family Game of the Year according to Brett & Board

Finalist of the Spanish Game of the Year 2005

"Just purchased the game and played two sessions over the weekend. Our group loved it ; we all had a blast. Quite a change of pace from our usual fare of boardgames." - J.P. Morgan on

"Outstanding. Played with the family and wide range of ages. We all loved it. Great better-than-clue game. Beatiful to look at. The theme is great as I'm an Umberto Eco fan too." - George Kennedy on

"Very fun whodunit!!!!! Excellent game for non-gamers!! Components and theme are top notch!!!" - Hector Fudus on

"*The* definite Deduction game. [...] It's another modern day classic." - Tim Steen on Gamefest - 5 of 5 stars

Also make sure you read the detailed review from Paul Davidson