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Paul Randles
A native of Seattle, WA, Paul's game development career began at Wizards of the Coast, where he worked on such games as Robo Rally, The Great Dalmuti and Xena & Hercules. At Wizards, Paul was known as Papa Christmas -­ playing Santa at the company holiday parties. He kept a candy jar at his desk and the only price for a piece of candy were the words, "Every day is Christmas!" Paul left Wizards to found his own game design firm, Randles Games, where he developed a number of games, including Pirate's Cove along with Daniel Stahl. Sadly, Paul was stricken with cancer and passed away in February, 2003.

Daniel Stahl
Daniel Stahl grew up in a household where a boy's right of passage was determined by whether or not he could beat grandpa at Risk. As a child he was an avid Stratego and Othello player who would often spend hours attempting to design new paper and pencil battle games.
This love for games defined his adult life as he now spends his days playing, marketing, and designing games in his new home town of Seattle.