Changes from Piratenbucht

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Mastercraft cards:

Those cards replace the Verstärkung cards. Their number has been reduced to a total of 7.

Their use is now limited to 1 per ship at any given type (although you could choose to allow multiple Mastercraft cards if you wish).

They cost 1 gold to repair, instead of 2.

Ship mats:

The players' ship mats have been reformatted along a horizontal progression bar to better match the underlying ship illustration.

A separate spot has been introduced to serve as the treasure stash, while gold is now kept off the mat.

Parrot cards:

Parrot cards have replaced the Neue Segel, Neue Kanonen, Neue Crew and Neuer Laderaum cards, bringing more flavor to the game. These parrots also require a bit more loving care, as losing one costs its callous master 2 fame points.

Fame cards:

The fame cards have been reduced in value (strongest is now worth 3 points) and frequency (down to one 3 points, three 2 points and five 1 point).

Their flavor has been changed to famous pirates' songs, drinks, and booty.

Event cards:

Event cards are now all clearly marked as being played during a specific Phase, removing past ambiguities about the timing of their play.

Consort, Crow's Nest, Going on the Account, Privateering Commission and Secret Map are all new event card additions.

Geheimversteck (Secret stash), Herausforderung (Challenge) and Kartentausch (Sleight of hand) cards have been eliminated. New versions of Secret stash and Challenge are available for download and use with our new blank cards here.

Blank cards:

Templates for new Legendary Pirate, Event, Battle and Volley cards have been added, allowing you to create your own variants.


A variant (Steve Weeks' Mutiny rule on BGG) has been made an official rule.

Another variant (limit on the number of protection cards per ship) was added as a rule.

As per the game author's original design, Treasure Island now only allows for 1 upgrade at twice the normal cost again, instead of Piratenbucht's 2 upgrade at normal cost.

Pirate's Cove was initially published in Germany by Amigo Spiel under the Piratenbucht name. When bringing the game over to English-speaking countries, we took advantage of their experience to polish the game even further, with the objective of making Pirate's Cove the ultimate Pirate's game. In this endeavor, we were also greatly helped by Dan and Paul, who kindly sent us their original prototype!

For those of you who have had prior exposure to Piratenbucht, here follows an exhaustive list of what has changed in Pirate's Cove.

Component changes:

New illustrations throughout (box, board map, tavern and treasure cards, etc...) by famed Mystery of the Abbey artist, Julien Delval

New resin-cast ship miniatures

New wooden treasure chests

Rules changes:

Rules have been entirely re-written and re-formatted for greater clarity and readability, especially for first-time players.

Clarification of the Game Turn structure and combat sequences.

A separate reference section (the Guide to Pirate's Cove and Surrounding Islands) has been added, making in-game consultations easier.

Legendary Pirates:

Blackbeard has been strengthened further (he rolls 6 dice instead of 5) and is a truly frightening sight to behold!

Other legendary pirates (Ann Bonny & Mary Read, Captain Hook, the Flying Dutchman) and a Spanish galleon have been added to the mix of possible ships you may meet.

All the Legendary Pirates, including Blackbeard, and the Royal Navy now have their own individual summary card, with all the data required to play them, making constant rules look-up unnecessary.

Combat cards:

For greater clarity, combat cards have now been divided into: Battle cards (played for the duration of the entire battle); and Volley cards (which only affect the upcoming die roll).

New cards - Avast Belay!, Powder Keg, Treasure Overboard and a different Six Gun Salute - have been added to the arsenal of tricks pirates can use in battle.

The Starker Wind (Favorable wind) card now has a value of + 6, instead of + 9 and absolute Sails values have been assigned to each Legendary Pirate and the Royal Navy.

The Geheimwaffe (Secret weapon) and Sabotage cards have been removed. Should you miss them, new versions are available for download and use with our new blank cards in the Goodies & Downloads section.