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This section contains contributions from fans - note that these have not been tested or approved by Days of Wonder, and therefore are probably better suited to advanced pirates!
Captain Kidd and Captain Roberts (English) - Contribution by Douglas

Captain William Kidd - Legendary Pirate

Capt. William Kidd The lesson to be learned from his Life:
Going Pirate is like picking a fight;
If you're going to do it, then just do it.
But don't try to just do it halfway and then expect to get off the hook.

A New York merchant who had previously served as a privateer against the French in the West Indies,. He was commissioned in 1696 to hunt pirates but after a series of misfortunes began to raid vessels in the India Ocean. He arrived by February 1697 at the Comoro Islands off East Africa. It was apparently some time after his arrival there that Kidd, still without having taken a prize ship, decided to turn to piracy. In October 1697, his refusal to attack a Dutch ship nearly brought his crew to mutiny, and in an angry exchange Kidd mortally wounded his gunner, William Moore.

Kidd took his most valuable prize, the Armenian ship Quedagh Merchant, in January 1698 and scuttled his own un-seaworthy Adventure Galley. When he reached Anguilla, in the West Indies (April 1699), he learned that he had been denounced as a pirate. He left the Quedagh Merchant at the island of Hispaniola (where the ship was possibly scuttled). He went to England for trial, and he was found guilty (May 8 and 9, 1701) of the murder of Moore and on five indictments of piracy and was hanged.

In battle: variable-see below

Roll a die before combat begins-

  • If you roll a 1 or 2- Kidd decides NOT to fight player ships (he declares players "gentlepersons" not pirates!). Let Kidd remain remain at the island, but conduct play as if he were not there. There is no combat involving Kidd this turn.
  • 3-4- Kidd decides not to fight player ships, he deems them not legal targets, BUT his crew overrules him and force him to attack, despite the ship not being in top shape.
  • 3 dice against sails (attacks LOWEST fame first, on up to highest fame) Hull- 4 hits --sails-17 --fame points- 3
  • 5-6 Kidd decides to fight player ships. He wants booty! Legal or Not! Harrr!
  • 6 dice against the sails (attacks LOWEST fame first, on up to highest fame)
  • Hull: 6 hits --sails: 27 --fame points: 7 (The English Press publicize your victory all over the world)

    Captain Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart) - Legendary Pirate

    Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart) was the most successful and menacing Pirates ever! He had a brief career (less than four years), yet he captured a mind staggering total of more than 400 ships. He pillaged along the coast of Brazil, and north to the French settlement of Guiana. He was then turned away by the Royal Navies before entering the Caribbean, for at this time governments had finally established much control of piracy on the Spanish Main. By 1721 Roberts had nearly single handedly halted shipping to and from the Spanish Main, having lasted over a year in the Navy infested waters of the Caribbean.

    At this time he returned across the Atlantic to sell his stolen wares, and then proceeded to plunder the African coast. This eventually led to a confrontation with a Royal Navy patrol commanded by Captain Chaloner Ogle. Roberts was killed in the ensuing battle.

    In battle: 5 dice against crew (attacks largest crew first)

    If one player only is victor over Roberts at a single location, he/she gains 3 gold from Robert's store of wealth as a bonus! If more than one player is victor over Roberts, the gold goes to the player who did the final damage to Robert's hull and thus gets to run off with the gold!

    Hull: 6 hits --sails: 20 --fame points: 5

    Captain Jack Spear (French) - Contribution by Little Boy

    Capitaine Jack Spear - Pirate de légende

    Tout vaisseau attaquant le capitaine Jack Spear est contraint de subir des dégâts sur son artillerie.

    Son navire n'ayant pas un coque robuste, il possède une grande maniabilité qui le rend difficile à toucher lors d'un combat (Seul un 6 au dés peut le toucher).

    Au combat, Jack Spear lance 4 dés contre les canons de ses ennemis, en s'attaquant d'abord au pirate armé du plus grand nombre de canons ; sa coque peut prendre 5 tirs au but avant de s'éventrer ; sa voilure est de 26 ; et il rapporte 6 points de renommée à quiconque le coule.