History & Credits

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  • Graphic Design: Cyrille Daujean
  • Illustrations: Julien Delval
  • Special thanks to Katty Peppermans, Brian Lewis and Bruno Faidutti
  • "Mutiny" rule idea by Steve Weeks
  • Additional thanks to GuruTej, Joe Casadonte, Frank Hamrick and the BGG and Spielfrieks community for last minute corrections!


In the spring of 2002, on a trip to the Northwest, we heard of two young Seattle entrepreneurs with a business plan suspiciously similar to ours...

A few months later, our company successfully launched, we starting thinking about what games might complement our "big format" line of games.

Bruno Faidutti, whom we'd gotten to know well when agreeing to publish Mystery of the Abbey and Fist of Dragonstones, drew our attention to a German-sounding game by the name of Piratenbucht, which he had just picked as his Game of the Year.

A phone call to Funagain later, we were happily sailing the waters off Pirate's Cove, fighting game after game of swashbuckling plunder amid multiple outbursts of laughter!

From there, we tracked the game designers, Paul Randles and Daniel Stahl, down to their home turf in the suburbs of... Seattle! It turned out they were the two entrepreneurs we'd heard about months earlier. We hit it off immediately, and rapidly came to an agreement for bringing Pirate's Cove to this side of the ocean.

Sadly, a few weeks later, Paul would learn he had contracted an incurable form of cancer. Courageous to the very end, he continued to work with us to make sure that his dream of having Pirate's Cove published in the U.S. would come true and that many more people would be able to enjoy the game for years to come.

Paul passed away in February 2003 at the early age of 38. We dedicate this game to him and those (Katty, Brian, Dan) that helped make it a reality.