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Bruno Faidutti - 2002 Game of the Year

Silver Tric Trac 2003 award

"My Game of the Year 2002!" Bruno Faidutti - "Pirate's Cove is a family boardgame of the kind that were published in the eighties. A little bit of strategy, some bluff and double guessing, lots of player interaction and dice rolls, and, most of all, a strong and convincing theme with components that fit in perfectly. ... It's the kind of game that I could have made or, at the very least, would have liked to."

"Wow! Shiver me timbers, I loved this game! My favorite pirate game." Scott Brooks - 8.5 out of 10 rating

"An instant hit with my gaming group. We learned the rules on the first round and then it was "smooth sailing" from there. Played three games in a row (which I rarely do), and it took about 2.5 hours total." Andrew Goldman - BGG 10 of 10 rating

"What a cool game! Yes there is a luck factor with the dice, but who cares? The game is meant to be light, and fun, and that is exactly what it is." Peter March on BGG 8.5 of 10 rating

"Definitely one of my favorites. FUN. Lots of group interaction. FIGHTING. You get to attack other ships. FAST. It doesn't really take that long to play." Frank Hamrick - BGG 9 of 10 rating

"Pirate's Cove is one of the best board games we've played all year." Michael Pandolfo - Owner, Dr. Comics & Mr. Games, Oakland, CA

"One of the best themed games, ever." Tom Vasel from South Korea

"The game looks better than anything I've seen to date. This is a marvelous game!! Nothing but good things to say about it." David Peterson on BGG

Note: the first quote refer to the original German version of the game.