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Serge Laget (through the eyes of Bruno)

Serge Laget

Serge Laget is a family man and practical joker, happily settled in Lyon - the capital of the Gauls! For Serge, games are first and foremost a passion, and only secondarily a business. Somewhat a perfectionist, Serge likes to fine tune and polish his creations rather than rush them out the door.

As an author, the theme is at the center of his works, and the game mechanics are purely to serve that theme and encourage player interactions.

From our collaborations, what strikes me most is that Serge is never one to shut the door on new ideas. Frequently when two authors work on crafting a game together, there will be a point where some ideas are likely to diverge strongly. Serge is one of those rare individuals who is always willing to give opposing ideas a real chance.

Last, but not least, I can do nothing but laud Serge's legendary patience with me... something that I know all too well is a necessary requirement!

Bruno Cathala (through the eyes of Serge)

Bruno Cathala

Bruno Cathala has only recently burst into the gaming world. The FGS (French Gaming Scene) already had its justifiably famous "Bruno of the Plains" (Bruno Faidutti, in Avignon). Now comes "Bruno des Montagnes" (with his home in the French Alps).With one famous French Bruno firmly established, Bruno Cathala has carved his own niche in the game design market through his fun and engaging 2-player games.

As hard as it might seem to imagine, Bruno concocts his gaming creations far removed from the clamor of the cities, in a region where high-speed internet access remains a distant dream. If you ever contact him via e-mail, forget about color images, or be ready to wait a few days for him to respond.

A hard worker (nobody's perfect!), Bruno is also tenacious, never giving up once committed to a project. He also has an innate gift for finding the right mechanics for a game, and we share a similar attachment to matching the mechanics to the theme of a game. Our friendship would likely not have blossomed to the extent it did without his inclusion of the Girls in his two player game "Lawless".

Shadows over Camelot is a game in which we truly poured both our souls and countless hours. This fruitful collaboration has now spurred many new projects currently in the works, something that I can only rejoice about. Working with Bruno is a guarantee I'll never be bored!