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Small World of Warcraft – a board game by Philippe Keyaerts, published by Days of Wonder

A new day dawns on Azeroth. A day like every one before it, and every one after. A day of merciless struggle for the control of the World of Warcraft. Not only is this Small World territory far too tight for everyone, it also hosts the never-ending conflict between the factions of the Alliance and the Horde. Dawn has broken and the time has come to take your place on the front lines.

Small World of Warcraft is a stand-alone board game set in Blizzard’s glorious video game universe, Azeroth. 2-5 players vie for control of several islands in this hostile world and their only hope will be to pick the right combination of races and special powers. After staking your claim to a piece of land, defeat your neighbors and expand your territory. If you can occupy legendary places and control powerful magical artifacts, you'll reach new levels of domination. However, empires must eventually fall, so be ready to put your over-extended race into decline and lead a new one to glory so you can eventually rule Azeroth.

The Game Box

The Game Setup

Inside The Box


  • 6 Double-Sided Game Boards
  • 16 World of Warcraft Races with matching banners & tokens
  • 20 Special Power badges
  • 7 Legendary Places & 5 Artifacts
  • 10 Mountains, 15 Murlocs, 9 Wisp Walls, 4 Harmony tokens, 12 Bombs, 1 Champion, 10 Forts, 2 Military Objectives, 5 Beasts & 6 Watch Towers
  • 1 Game Turn track & 1 Game Turn Marker
  • 110 Victory Coins
  • 5 Summary Sheets
  • 1 Reinforcement Die
  • 1 Rules Booklet
  • 1 Team Variant Rules sheet

Game Information

  • 2-5 players
  • Aged 10 and more
  • 40-80′

Meet the Game Designer

Philippe Keyaerts

Philippe Keyaerts by himself:

My gaming experience started a long time ago. I grew up with five brothers and sisters - almost a gaming club in its own right! - and a grandmother that played Black Jack for candies... I played chess and collected puzzles for many years before finding players for Full Metal Planete, The Settlers of Catan, and other games.

I went to the University where I obtained a Master's degree in Mathematics, and also studied computer science, painting and drawing, which turns out to be very useful to create game prototypes.

I live in Brussels with my wife and my son. When I'm not playing games, I teach Mathematics to young foreign students, read (mostly detective novels) or cook.

The creation of a game always comes from the desire to play a game that doesn't exist. I turn and kick it around in my head for some time, then I draft a first game prototype, which I play test alone by myself. Then I play test the game with friends - I always try to give them a game prototype that works. Then, I tweak, and test, and tweak again and again until I get a great game - it is a long and difficult process.

However, in the end, a new game sees the light, and seeing new players enjoying it is always a real pleasure!

Designer's Notes

New version, new challenges!

This time, it was all about intimately mixing the spirit of Small World with the Warcraft universe, so that both worlds reflect on each other.

The concept of Legendary places and artifacts, first introduced in Small World Underground, naturally found its place here. I also introduced a game mechanism that had been on my mind for a while: traveling between distant places.

It was also a new way of working: the World of Warcraft Universe Team at Blizzard tried each of the successive versions. Their ideas and comments helped refining and enriching the game.

In the end, all I hope is that fans of both universes enjoy the game and have fun exploring this new (small) world!

Game Rules

Revenge of the Murlocs

Revenge of the Murlocs

A mini expansion for solo play and 2-player games

For decades, they have been despised by all and taken advantage of. Bullied by both the Alliance and the Horde, enslaved by the Naga or forced out of their homelands by every other living race, the Murlocs have finally reached their breaking point. They have gathered their troops and are looking for one thing, and one thing only: revenge. Will you survive the giant, scaly wave that is about to submerge all of Azeroth?

With this new solo mode, you will play against a non-human opponent (the Murlocs) controlled by elegant rules and moved by you.

Download the Rules