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Art of Small World

Some of your favorite characters from Philippe Keyaerts' legendary fantasy board game have inspired these incredible 3D figures. Finely sculpted and hand-painted, you will marvel at the amazing detail found in these very limited-edition art figures.

Small World fans will surely want to have one... or all! The Amazon; the Wizard; the Skeleton; and the Spiderine... Welcome to the Art of Small World!


The Amazon

Strong and fearless... beautiful and exotic... the Amazon is deadly accurate with her favorite weapon, the bow and arrow. Definitely not a foe to encounter in the dark! Winner of the 2009 popularity context as the most beloved Small World character, this Amazon will be a natural fit at the top of your game shelf!

The Amazon figure is 21 cm tall.

Note that the Amazon figure is mildly NSFW. If you, or your family, are offended by partial nudity, you should not view or purchase the Amazon.

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The Wizard

There is mischievous magic in the air with the Wizard. While his countenance displays a serene dignity, the nasty Ogre surprised Sheep has already discovered his whimsical sense of humor. One of the most symbolic Small World characters, the wizard draws his power and victory from Magic sources.

The Wizard figure is 22 cm tall.

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The Skeleton

Time to pull your cowboy boots on. The Skeleton may look like as if he's missed a few too many meals, but he wields that jagged blade as a fearsome weapon. Often seen as one the most powerful Small World races, this Skeleton will always be ready to charge on your game table.

The Skeleton figure is 24 cm tall.

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The Spiderine

She may look shy and demure, but beware the Spiderine, if you get caught in her web. Her numerous legs make her one of the fastest races of Small World Underground, using cave walls for quick movements. She's fast enough to catch mice... and worse!

The Spiderine figure is 20 cm tall.

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