Embark on an incredible adventure in Alan R. Moon’s Team Asia map as you and a partner compete against other teams on a 25,000 kilometer ride from Kabul to Beijing, through the steppes of Mongolia and the Gobi desert up to the Yellow River!

Or, if you prefer the quiet pleasures of traveling alone along the Silk Road, or winding your way through the hustle and bustle of Indochina, venture into the forbidden eastern lands of François Valentyne’s Legendary Asia. Just be ready for a hair-rising ride through the mountain passes of the Himalayas!

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Inside The Box

  • Maps of Legendary Asia and Team Asia
  • Destination Tickets and Rules for each map
  • 6 Card holders
  • 9 Plastic trains in each of 5 colors

A word from the author.

I love partnership games so it was a great challenge to design Ticket to Ride Team Asia. One of my favorite moments of any prototypes occurred during one of the final playtests.

My friends Ken and Martha were playing as a team. Ken is a very conservative player, always choosing to take the safest path while Martha is a devil-may-care risk taker. On her last turn, Martha declared out loud that she wanted to take tickets. Ken said, “That would be awfully risky.” Martha did it anyway, and had to take a ticket she could not complete, losing them the game. Which summed up the game for me, now and then.